Home Reviews "Fast, quiet & well-built” - PC Gamer Praise New Reign Sentry Echelon, an “All AMD” Gaming PC, in recent review

"Fast, quiet & well-built” - PC Gamer Praise New Reign Sentry Echelon, an “All AMD” Gaming PC, in recent review

Our premium gaming PC, the Reign Sentry Echelon, has recently received a tonne of praise from the online tech-zine, PC Gamer. Senior Hardware Editor, Alan Dexter, wrote in his article that our new AMD system is not only “an ode to team red,” but that the "all-AMD affair doesn't feel like a compromise and makes the most of the latest tech from the red corner."

The Reign Range

Reign Gaming PCs are prebuilt by our in-house experts and comprise of the Scout, Sentry and Vanguard tiers. Whilst the Scouts are designed for esports and 1080p gaming, and our Vanguard range gives you the power to do it all, Sentries offer gamers that "sweet spot" between price and performance, offering avid gamers smooth high-end performance perfect for 1440p gaming and virtual reality.  

What PC Gamer had to say about the Reign Sentry Echelon

Featuring AMD’s newest GPU, the Radeon RX 6700XT, our Reign Sentry Echelon is paired with the unfaltering performance of the equally powerful Ryzen 5 5600X processor. The review described the build as an "impressive machine," going on to explain that the system could push "95fps in Horizon Zero Dawn, 75fps in Metro Exodus, 180fps in F1 2020, and 140fps in Hitman 3" at 1440p.

It also noted that “the core components tick all the right boxes,” and applauded the step-back from the multi-coloured light shows seen from other system builders, stating, "Novatech have shown great restraint on the lighting front... It's a subtle build, with the components doing the talking, not a constant pulsating rainbow of visual noise.”

The machine received an overall score of 88, with the article summarising that the system is “fast, quiet, well-built [and] represents solid value for money.”

The full review can be read on the PC Gamer website

Reign Sentry Echelon

Specifications of the Reign Sentry Echelon

In addition to the new GPU and processor, the build comes complete in the Corsair 4000D High Airflow case, with 16GB of G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 3600MHz RAM and Western Digital’s SN850 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD.
What’s more, with the components all mounted in MSI’s MAG B550 Bazooka motherboard, gamers can take their play to a whole new level of “speedy” by allowing their parts to take full advantage of PCIe 4.0 compatibility, plus AMD’s newest features like smart access memory (SAM) and rage mode.

A gaming PC for all gamers

Whether you’re avidly into first-person shooters, a high-octane street racer, or somewhere in between, the Reign Sentry Echelon will give you everything you need. It’s a system built for every kind of gamer. Play at the highest settings and resolutions without compromising on your gaming experience.

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Published on 31 Mar 2021

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