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PC RGB Lighting - Why it's Stupidly Great

RGB lighting is a silly, fundamentally pointless feature. And yet it’s totally awesome all the same.

Like beautifully coordinated fireflies, dancing against the night’s sky, my keyboard and mouse have started to light up my life. And yes, I mean that in a very literal sense.

You see, I recently invested in the latest craze that’s sweeping the PC industry with more colour and lights than the Blackpool Pier.

Of course, I’m talking about RGB lighting.

RGB lighting is absolutely everywhere. From our mice, to our keyboards, it’s as though manufacturers such as Corsair and Razer have force-fed peripherals a hefty helping of rainbows - and now their insides are exploding for us all to see.


It’s beautiful, magical, and aesthetically pleasing. There’s also something delightfully eighties about the whole thing.

Technicoloured keyboards

So why has it taken so long for these myriad of interchangeable colours to consume everything we touch? After all, fancy lighting is nothing new; it’s traditionally been reserved for making monster PC gaming rigs look like they belong in a Max Power magazine or to portray the illusion of “extreme power”.

For a start, RGB lighting is a more refined and elegant beast. We’re not just talking about static, neon LED strips here - or even ones that blink intermittently. No, these little beauties have the ability to produce an unbelievable array of colours independently from one another. Whether it’s delicate pinks or piercing reds, RGB lighting offers a truly impressive spectrum allowing you to customise your setup however you please.

Ride the lighting

And that’s where things get really interesting (and super nerdy in equal measure). The majority of new keyboards, mice and even headsets that feature RGB lighting are completely programmable. That’s right, you can now create your very own in-home light shows. And it’s freaking amazing!


From spiralling rainbows, to cascading waterfalls of colour, my keyboard now has a habit of making my friends and family “ooh” and “ahh” like inquisitive children at a fireworks display. RGB lighting also seems like a surprisingly premium feature, which it basically is. Some may call it tacky, but I think it’s just plain fun. And you can’t put a price on fun, can you?

Having your peripherals perform a synchronised performance may sound superfluous, or even a little bit sad. And it undoubtedly is. But trust me when I say it totally rocks. It’s like when all the brooms start helping Mickey do his chores in Disney’s Fantasia, just without the nasty worker’s revolt. There’s something oddly enchanting about the whole thing.

Colouring hook

When it comes to flashy, extravagant, almost obnoxious amounts of colour on PC hardware, consider me sold. So much so that I’m one of the few saps who knowingly bought an RGB headset. Yeah, I know, I can’t even see what’s happening on the side of my head, that much is clear. But knowing that everyone else can? Well, that makes it all worthwhile.

Sort of…

What do you make of the RGB lighting phenomenon? Are you turned on or turned off by the multicoloured wonders of the modern PC world? Let us know in the comments below.

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Published on 20 Jan 2017

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