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Portsmouth Universities E-Sport Society Sponsorship

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Novatech partnered up with Portsmouth Universities E-sports society at this year's freshers fair.

UOP E-Sports society is an organisation run by students of Portsmouth University, first established in November 2018. UOP E-Sports society currently has a total of 134 members and is the universities third-largest common interest group despite only starting 10 months ago. 

UOP E-Sports society, also known as The Portsmouth Paladins was created to give students a chance to compete in E-Sporting events within the University scene, the society provides a network and platforms for students to compete in national events. 

Portsmouth Universities E-Sports Society

The Portsmouth Paladins

The Portsmouth Paladins compete in both the Nuel and NSE which are both university E-Sports leagues. Novatech will also be sponsoring this years Big Game, taking place between the 1st - 3rd November 2019. The Big game is an annual gaming event that takes place 3 times a year and this year the UOP E-sports society will also be attending the event too.

Novatech are proud to be the official sponsor for the Portsmouth Paladins, where this year we teamed up with the society at the Portsmouth university freshers fair providing an insight into our new Reign Gaming PC range and all the best gaming equipment. We also provided the UOP E-Sports society with gaming equipment for their stand for students to have a hands-on experience before deciding to join the society. 

Here at Novatech we have been working with the Portsmouth Paladins for just over 12 months now, supporting them through providing their members with PCs at Insomnia65 Gaming Festival as well as providing PCs and kit to run at offical NUEL events . We are also looking forward to working closely with them at this years Big Game event in Southampton, with lots more exciting opportunities coming soon. 

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Portsmouth Universities E-Sports Society

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