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A Testimony from Queensbury School

Sometimes the best case studies are just simple testimonials from our newest customers who have chosen to move away from the faceless uber-brands. We contacted Steve Wilson the Network Manager at Queensbury School, a specialist maths and ICT school in Bradford, Yorkshire to see if he'd mind providing a few lines for another Maths and ICT school who were looking for worry-free computing. This is what he wrote:


"I have always bought computers from the big players - Dell and HP - but this year I decided to have a look at Novatech, mainly because I had got my costs wrong in my bid.

I was extremely wary of changing supplier but in the end I was genuinely pleased with the computers that I have bought. I particularly needed small form factor computers with a robust case. Novatech supplied me (next day) with a sample to put through its paces and it seemed just what we needed. My only slight concern was one of the blanking plates which I felt students may push out. But my account manager, Tom suggested putting in a card reader which Novatech supplied for no extra cost.

I was really pleased with what I got; so much so that I have kept on ordering from Novatech and can't really see myself going back. Next up I needed to replace a room of thin clients and I wanted fat clients instead. Tom was really helpful and suggested Novatech Pockits. I have been after something like this for years now and they are awesome and incredibly powerful for their ridiculously small size.

All the contact I have had with Novatech has been exceptionally helpful and the service has been great. I have received all computers within a few days of ordering which is pretty good as most of them were custom built.

The only thing I can't comment on is what happens if something goes wrong, but then that's because nothing has!"

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Published on 14 Feb 2016

Last updated on 14 Feb 2016

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