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Which games will feature ray tracing?

As discussed in a previous article, real-time ray tracing is being brought to the forefront of developers and gamers dreams' through the awesome power of Nvidia’s latest GeForce RTX 2000-series graphics cards.

In short, this lighting method is the latest technique being utilised by developers to reflect the real-world behaviour of lighting in games. Read more to find out just how it is going to change the way we game visually.

But which games currently support real-time ray tracing? Here we have the most exciting current and upcoming ray tracing games. 

Atomic Heart

While developers Mundfish and their marketing have been extremely secretive about the release date and specific details of this game, we do know that it will support ray tracing; making its nightmarish surrealism so picturesque that even H. G. Giger will consider whether someone had spiked his drink with something.

Set in an “alternative universe” Soviet Union, Atomic Heart is set to be a beautiful blend of terror and action that ray tracing will boost to new limits. Expect to see this game (hopefully) in 2019.

Battlefield V

It certainly turned some heads when it was announced earlier this year that the next installment in one of the most successful first-person shooter series would feature ray tracing support. There’s not much I can say that can’t just be shown off in this beautiful real-time ray tracing video released by Nvidia:

Sign up for the frontlines on November 20th.

Metro: Exodus

Metro. Enough said.

In all seriousness, the Metro series has always been renowned for their beautiful visuals using pioneering graphical technology. Of course, the latest Metro game will be boosted by ray tracing. We can’t wait to see the luscious graphics beyond what 4A Games teased at their ray tracing demo earlier this year using their Exodus engine.

Metro Exodus is set to be released on February 22, 2019. 

Assetto Corsa

One of the first games that will let you take advantage of Nvidia’s latest 2000-series GPU’s ray tracing is the sports car racing simulator, Assetto Corsa Competizione. Developer Kunos Simulazioni has currently released the game in early access, eager to take advantage of the visuals that the RT cores from Nvidia’s new graphics card will provide.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

We’ve all seen Nvidia show off how beautiful this game looks from their initial Nvidia 2000-series unveiling but it’s worth noting on this list. Anyone that’s played this game from its September release will know just how beautiful ray tracing will make our favourite archaeologist.


This game already looks visually gorgeous. This 2019 third-person action-adventure will be boosted by ray tracing and feature PC-only graphical improvements, so that’s one more point for Team PC master race.


Coming in late 2018, this WW2 MMO will entrench you in a squad that battles through the bloodiest hardships of the war. With the shrapnel slicing past you and enemy bullets whizzing overhead, you might not have time to appreciate the beautiful visuals that ray tracing will bring to Enlisted. Rest assured, war will have never looked this good. Prepare to strap on your war boots!

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