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Reign, Game Supreme - Benefits Of Pre-Built Gaming PC's

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Reign, Game Supreme, Benefits of pre-built Gaming PCs

Reign is a premium Gaming PC built for purpose and to deliver quality gaming performance. 

The concept behind Reign gaming PC’s is to help take the guesswork out of buying a great gaming PC. Reign PC’s are built using the latest high-quality 'gaming grade' components from the world's most trusted brands, guaranteeing smooth and more responsive gameplay, whether you're gaming at 1080, 1440 or 4k. 

Reign PCs have been designed and built following extensive research and feedback provided by Novatech’s existing gaming customer base, including the horsepower to power the latest generation of virtual headsets, more storage, faster boost time as well as faster game loading. These are just some of the benefits that come with a pre built gaming pc. 

Benefits of pre-built gaming PCs

Whatever your gaming knowledge, whether you are a beginner or an advanced gamer, prebuilt PCs have their benefits for all over custom built ones

Great for all levels 

If you are a gaming beginner with exiguous gaming knowledge then it’s safe to say that building your own custom PC would prove difficult.  For those who have a wider understanding of gaming hardware don’t be fooled, a pre-built PC would still be beneficial for you too. Experienced gamers will know exactly what they are getting for the price and don’t have to worry about saving their spare time to manage resources for building a new custom PC.

Component safety and compatibility:

When building a custom build PC component compatibility is often a problem users face, a common mistake people make is purchasing the wrong components and power supply or installing the water cooling system incorrectly and running into some serious issues. Thankfully, when purchasing any of our pre-built Gaming PC’s you don’t need to worry about any of that! When choosing our ‘gaming grade” components we choose the fastest, most durable components available then pairing them up to create an all round well balanced premium powerhouse Gaming PC. 

Warranties and support

Unlike when building your own custom built PC all of our Reign pre-built Gaming PCs are covered by a 3 year warranty as standard, not only this but should you need any help and support with you Reign PC we offer free UK based telephone support for the lifetime of your Reign Gaming PC.

Saves time (and money)

Building your own gaming PC is a long and complex process. There’s a lot of research, testing and building involved. Unless you are technical and have the time to invest, it might not be the best option for you. With a pre built gaming pc, you know that the right specs for high quality gaming are already built in and tested before going on the shelves. 

Built for High-End Performance

With a pre built gaming PC, you know they are reliable. They are specifically built by professionals within the industry, providing you with the power and specs to run games like Fortnight, Minecraft and Battlefield to their maximum potential as we all know some of the top name games can be graphically demanding 

Reign range explained - What pre built gaming pc should you purchase?

Within the Reign range we offer three pre-built premium Gaming PCs
Reign Viper - Small but powerful 
Reign Sentry - Premium gaming performance 
Reign Paladin - Gaming PC meets Workstation 


Reign Viper, Pre-Built Gaming PC

Reign Viper is a powerful PC in a compact case, the Reign Viper is designed to take up minimal space without sacrificing gaming performance. 

Viper specially designed for 1440p gaming, 4K and Content Creation, with an unlocked 9th Generation Intel Core Processor and the latest Graphic Technology this Premium Gaming PC certainly is small but powerful.

Recently Vortez published an in-depth review on one this pre-built Gaming PC,
within the review, they dove into performance benchmarking, set up,  efficiency and much more. 

Pre-build gaming PC’s like the Reign Viper seem to be becoming increasingly popular over recent years, in the Vortex review Mathew Hodgeson comments “Cable management, component compatibility, the operating system set up and the entire build process are all hurdles to overcome if you construct your own PC, an often-daunting task, but system integrators, like Novatech, take all of this hassle away and add on a warranty to boot” 

“Novatech’s 3-year warranty comes as standard with the VIPER MK II along with lifetime free tech support on the phone, should you ever need a hand overcoming an issue. All of that wrapped up for £1920 represents very decent value when compared to the components on their own, totalling roughly £1750 + a Windows 10 licence and a 3-year warranty. Not a bad deal at all. Novatech haven’t cheaped out in any area either, using only high-quality components”.


Reign Sentry, Pre-Built Gaming PC

With whisper-quiet fans, upgraded cooling and vibration dampening all Sentry systems stay cool and run quietly even under the most extreme workloads. 

In a recent review by Custom PC, the Reign Sentry MKI gaming PC scored 81% overall, receiving particularly positive feedback on memory and storage as well as overall gaming performance. 

“Where the Novatech has the upper hand is with its fully solid state storage system, incorporating a 250GB Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD NVMe SSD and a 1TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD. Comparatively, the PC Specialist has a 512GB Intel SSD for a boot drive, and a 2TB mechanical hard drive for extra storage. The Novatech also has 16GB of DDR4 memory running at a decent speed of 3200MHz, outpacing most rivals.”

With no proprietary hardware or fancy connectors, all Reign Gaming PC’s are easy to access and upgrade, we only use the latest technology in our PC’s, so you can be sure that it won’t be outdated by the time it arrives to you.  

“Novatech’s Reign Sentry MKI has ample power for most 1080p and 2,560 x 1,440 gaming scenarios, and the Core i5 CPU is fast enough for gaming. The memory and storage are surprisingly good for the price, plus the build is neat and quiet, with tidy cabling and effective cooling”



Reign Paladin, Pre-Built Gaming PC

Paladin is a powerhouse PC aimed at top-end gaming and content creation, with genuine ‘gaming grade’ components from some of the worlds most trusted brands, offering the power needed for high settings and smooth gameplay with no compromise. With subtle RGB lighting from the motherboard and maintenance-free liquid CPU cooler gives you a glimpse of the power that lies within the Paladin. 

In a recent review by eTeknix, the Paladin MKII Gaming PC was rated very highly by Mike Sander

“The Novatech Reign Paladin MKII is, categorically, hands down, the single most impressive system we have ever seen in our benchmarking…”

Within the review, Mike dove into benchmarking against some of the big-name competitors and analysed gameplay for some of the hottest games of 2019. 

“So, we’ve established that the Novatech Reigns Paladin MKII is pretty impressive in the work department, so what about the play? – Well, featuring an Intel i9 9900k, Nvidia 2080 Ti and 32GB of ram, it is again, hardly surprisingly, at the top of nearly all of our benchmarks”

He also discussed the technical specification of storage, memory and power consumption as well as internal and external appearance of the PC.

“The main system exterior utilises an NZXT H700 chassis which is, without a doubt, one of the best (and most popular) system cases around at the moment. This, in terms of layout, appearance, and functionality. Admittedly, some may think that for a system this powerful, it’s a somewhat ‘bland’ style to have. This is, however, a performance system and, as such, needs a chassis capable of meeting that remit!”

“It is rare that you will see a PC designer put so many high-end products into a system such as this. What Novatech has done here is essentially produce and retail a system that, in technology terms, is on the cutting edge of desktop performance.” 

Don't just take our word for it, try one yourself! 

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