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Sometimes even we have to hold our hands up and admit we got it wrong. That's what happened when one of our products we supplied to the Southern PC Doctor didn't work properly. But they say the true mark of a person is how they handle a crisis - and the same can be said for customer service.

Karl Harris, one of Novatech's small business account executives, explains: "Mark has had an account with us since 2004 but we don't like to see any of our customers unhappy, whether they have just bought one thing from us or are a multi-national firm on a huge contract. He wasn't a very happy customer at the beginning, but one of my colleagues met him, talked his through his complaint and then replaced the product for him and started looking after his account.

"As a result, Mark has been a member of our Partner programme since April, which means every time he buys products from us we give him points, which are then turned into Novatech vouchers and, every quarter, cash-back.

"Mark does repairs and maintenance on computers and systems for individuals as well as businesses, recommending to them what they need to fulfil their requirements. Then, he would buy the components from us and build them bespoke PCs. Now he's on the partner programme, every time he buys a PC or a laptop he earns three points for every £1 he spends, and for every piece of peripheral equipment he buys he earns one point per £1 spent too.

"He can even earn points via his customers, because if they ring up and order something, they can give us his unique code and the points will be added to his account. Last quarter he was at the top of the points list and, when I rang him up to tell him he'd earned £800 in cash-back, he was speechless for a little while!"

As well as the points, Mark also benefits from free next day delivery on every item he orders, so he knows he will be able to fulfil his own customers' needs quickly and efficiently.  "I really like talking to Mark," added Karl. "He's gone from being unhappy with what we had done to someone who will bring a box of doughnuts in for everyone on the sales team - and even a bottle of bourbon for me! In all seriousness, though, the partner programme is something all small businesses can benefit from, especially if they regularly need to buy tech."

Mark, who owns the Waterlooville-based Southern PC Doctor, said: "Being part of the partner programme is great, because it helps my business to be competitive and to give the best service it can to my customers. Novatech look after me very well, especially when I have had an issue. I would recommend all small businesses join the partner scheme - though I don't want to be pushed off the top spot!"

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Published on 15 Feb 2016

Last updated on 15 Feb 2016

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