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Stainless Games: What happens when Carmageddon and Quake arena come together

From their offices on the Isle of Wight, Stainless Games have been developing videogames for over twenty years, making them veterans of a still relatively young industry.


Stainless Games have worked with a hatful of household names including Disney, Sega and Microsoft. Stainless specialise in full videogame development and their work spans all current platforms, including PC, XBOX, Playstation, iOS, Android and all the 'Next Gen' platforms.

Their workload varies depending on the project, but they have the capability to take game creation from the very start with the creation of original designs, artwork and character development; taking it through rapid prototyping and demo creation and on to full development and publication. They also offer services for other developers including conversions/porting, technology development, game design and production, consultancy and troubleshooting.

Because of the highly specialised work they do, Stainless Games require extremely high-performance PCs, and to get the rigs they needed, they used to build them themselves.


Like thousands of professionals and enthusiasts, they were ordering the components from various online suppliers, but the constant fallibilities of poor availability, poor delivery, poor pricing and the lack of technical support inevitably brought them to Novatech. Initially Novatech were just a supplier of components, but pretty quickly they went one logical step further by asking us to custom-build their own-designed PCs to their exact specifications. This not only gave them the benefit of Novatech's comprehensive warranties and tech support but also allowed them to focus all their time on their core business - designing and developing games. Since then Novatech have become their preferred technology supplier and continue to build their own PCs, as well as supplying monitors and specialist tools like keyboards, mice and Wacom Intuos5 graphics tablets. Stainless often attend gaming events and shows, and for their popular display stand Novatech built them a custom-designed PC with a unique case, lights and a Titan Graphics card that ensures ultra-smooth gaming, the highest frame rates possible and several different options for different gaming experiences.


In video game development it's crucial to stay ahead of the competition. We have always maintained a high standard of work, and we are able to do that because of the hardware we use. Novatech listened to us, and gave us exactly what we wanted in the custom PCs. They didn't act like it was a chore either, in fact they were happy to put something special together when I asked for it - something that other companies, for that price, would probably not be willing to do. The customer service has that personal touch that is so lacking in many large suppliers. Our account manager, Karl, is always easily contactable and provides us with friendly knowledgeable advice and a competent service. If there's something you need and they don't have it, Novatech will rise to the challenge and source it anyway, and knowing that makes things a lot less stressful.

Vikki Taylor - Stainless Games

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Published on 14 Feb 2021

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