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The fine art of free shipping.

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Here at Novatech, we try our hardest to give you the best prices on our products. One of the ways we try to help you out is by automatically giving you free delivery when you spend over £50 with us online (as long as the weight is less than 30kg – which is really, really heavy).  You may be surprised to find that very few of our competitors do this.

Google shopping obscurity

Internet shoppers are always on the lookout for the cheapest price, so often find themselves flocking to Google shopping. Once they’ve searched for the product they want, they’ll look at the results at the top which appears to be the cheapest – except, unless you’re looking at the total price, doesn’t include delivery. These hidden costs can sometimes end up making the cheapest option not quite so cost effective.

For example, if you’re after an MSi GeForce 760 Card (great choice by the way) some other retailers may be competitive at pricing the product, but include their cost for shipping to the mix, and you can look at adding up to £10 to the total price. Now you’re paying more than you’d initially expected to.

Those two examples are the cheapest we could find – for balance – but of course if you’ll pay much more as the weight increases.

Order with us, spend more than £50 (which, for components like graphics cards, motherboards and processors, is a threshold that’s commonly broken) and, as long as it meets the weight requirements, we’ll take care of the delivery costs for you. You don’t have to watch the price of your order spike up at the checkout, and you can even track your order from placing it, to it landing through your letterbox.

By all means check Google shopping, but now you know that your next click should always be

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