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Surviving Self-Isolation: Gaming Edition - The Top 50 Games to play whilst this all blows over... Pt. 2

Today we're continuing our countdown for the top 50 games to play in self-isolation. If you haven't seen part one yet, then check it out and get yourself up to speed.

But without further ado, let's get right into part two of the five-part series, as we carry on our count, starting with...

40 - Super Hot

( Single Player | FPS | Casual | VR )




If you've played this game, you'll know what I'm on about. If not, then go play it and find out!

Seriously though, the game name brags about how good it is from the get go, and it doesn't disappoint - what could be an insanely fast-paced FPS has been flipped on its head, making it possibly the slowest FPS you've ever played... Sounds a little odd, but allow me to elaborate: time moves when you move, meaning the game is only as fast and furious as you are. You can try to rush through the oncoming onslaught of red dudes (highly unrecommended), or instead, bullet-time and matrix your way to the other side of the room (very satisfying, very fun).

Super Hot

With a minimalistic art and sound design, but easy to master and ultimately satisfying game mechanics, you'll never get tired of slicing bullets in half with a katana, or blowing away five red dudes in a single shotgun blast, plus the way your enemies shatter into a thousand tiny pieces when you terminate them! Great for experienced gamers and newbies to the FPS genre, it's a real gem. Just wait until you get into the VR version of the game...


39 - Animal Crossing New Horizons

( Single Player | Co-op | Classic Series | Casual | Keep Calm & Carry On | New Release )

If you ever need to just relax and lose yourself in a warm and gentle world, like a snug fluffy blanket in the midst of winter, then the Animal Crossing series is where you need to go. An almost "life-simulation" game, New Horizons takes place on a cosy and peaceful island, where you explore an open-ended world at your own pace, eventually building up a community of friendly anthropomorphic characters. With tonnes of customisation, and an in-game climate which can change based on your real world location with a smart weather system, it really is the perfect game for those just looking to unwind and chill out.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

That said, if you happen to stumble across Isabelle beating down demons with her bare hands, fear not. The game released on the same day as another popular series, with the two communities turning the coniciding releases into a meme way beyond what anyone could have imagined - and with quite hilarious results...

Animal Crossing meets Doom Eternal meme


38 - Human Fall Flat

( Single Player | Co-op | Social | Casual | Funny )

Another charming and truly loveable game on this list. It's full of character and looks super easy on the eyes too, with an art design reminiscent of something akin to a kind of digitalised Claymation.

Human Fall Flat

A physics-based puzzle game with an added element of all round derpiness, this title will offer you and up to 7 friends a fun-filled experience, where you can work together to complete your goals, or play devil's advocate, and sabotage their efforts. Either way, your'e bound to have a good laugh, especially when you realise you can grab each other's player models to create human swings and bridges! A great game, and it's on sale right now (until 9th April), so there's really no reason not to give it a go.


37 - Apex Legends

( MOBA | Esport | Competitive | FPS | Free To Play)

Despite seeing some controversy over the years since it first released, it's hard to argue that Apex is a bad game. Once branded the original "Fortnite killer," this particular esports MOBA has some particularly detailed lore (if that's something you're into), with the so-called Legends being combatants in a popular blood-sport known as "The Apex Games." 

Apex Legends

Each has their own unique play-style and abilities, and it's up to you to figure out which works best with the two other Legends in your team, as you jump into the arena with a couple of friends to duke it out against the other 19 squads. Will you be the last team standing? Or will you fall prey to the true Apex predators of the arena? There's only one way to find out. So jump in to this free to play MOBA and get ready to rek or be rekt.


36 - The Stanley Parable

( Single Player | Classic Title | Casual | Narrative | Funny )

Next up, possibly one of the most iconic narrative walking simulators of the last decade, The Stanley Parable is an absolute joy to interact with. I say interact with because, unlike other games, this title is very... reactive, shall we say, to what players do within it. It's difficult not to say too much for fear of spoilers (if you still haven't had the pleasure of experiencing it yet), but to keep it simple; you are Stanley. You have a boring office job in a bland and boring office. One day, a strange compulsion causes you to leave your desk, only to find that all of your colleagues have vanished. With the voice of a strange, omniscient and charismatic narrator following your every step, you try to discover what happened to everyone who's missing.

This "game" (more like a profound and perception-altering experience) is funny, tender, enlightening, and all round just extremely good. Perfect for keeping your chin up when your friends aren't online and things feel a little solemn.


35 - Two Point Hospital

( Single Player | Casual | Keep Calm & Carry On | Management | Time Sink )

Kind of topical but not too close to home, since you'll be most pre-occupied by people with lightbulbs for heads asking you to cure their "Lightheadedness." An amusing title perfect for anyone who enjoyed the old Theme Hospital game back in the late 90s. You'll design the layout of your very own hospital, hire staff for various tasks, do your best to keep your patients happy while they wait and hopefully healthy when they leave. Much like The Sims, a fairly typical management sim with a good sense of humour and harmless, soothing gameplay to keep you feeling relaxed as you cure the masses.

Two Point Hospital

If you fancy seeing some gameplay to give you a better idea of what to expect, then check out the new video we recently put up on our YouTube channel.


34 - World of Warcraft

( MMO | Classic Title | RPG | Social | Time Sink | Free To Play )

If you've been living on the moon or something then you may not have heard of the MMORPG that is essentially the OG MMORPG. World of Warcraft is so dense and layered with all the lore and content currently available to date, and far too vast to fit into just one or two paragraphs. Long of the short of it though, you can play as a whole range of races with a whole range of abilities in a huge open-world RPG. And you can do it with loads of friends! It's great fun, and there's a free initial sign-up so you can get a taster for the experience, so you may as well give it a go - see if it pets your goat.



33 - Cities: Skylines

( Single Player | Casual | Keep Calm & Carry On | Management | Time Sink )

Another excellent management game where you can build your dream city! Or a nightmarish weave of roads and traffic, if you feel like it. It's another title kind of like The Sims, but this time, rather than the individual households, you're looking at a much, much larger scope; designating housing, commercial and industrial sectors, mapping out those dreaded road networks, bridging rivers and planning public transport routes, managing taxes, power and water supply - literally anything you can think of that you would need to manage in a city, it's in this game.

Cities Skylines

It also has a whole load of optional DLC that you can sink your teeth into once you've played the base game to death, most all of which breathe totally new life into the game. It's actually on sale up until 3rd April, so get it cheap now while you still can!


32 - Gang Beasts

( Multiplayer | Casual | Keep Calm & Carry On | Social | Funny )

So earlier we looked at Human Fall Flat - well think of Gang Beasts like its more fighty second cousin. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if the Human Fall Flat devs took inspiration from this game, which was released two years prior. Similar in style and mechanics, this title sees you and three friends attempt to wrestle and punch up one another in a range of interesting and unique maps, each with their own special environmental traps and tribulations to help you be the last colourful character standing. Infinitely amusing and a great way to stay social and have a laugh, Gang Beasts will keep you entertained with its antics for days to come.

Gang Beasts


31 - Planet Coaster/Planet Zoo

( Single Player | Casual | Keep Calm & Carry On | Management | Time Sink | New Release )

And last in on today's list at 31, it's Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo. Seems like management games are the way to go at the moment, don't you think? Both games, developed by Frontier, give you the chance to create your own Zoo or Theme Park, right down to the finest of details. Make a 100ft tall coaster with a death drop through a fiery pit of flames, or an elaborate enclosure for chimpanzees, complete with custom climbing frames and interactable toys. Even your information points, shops and toilets can all be customised to your liking, with hundreds of prop pieces and scenery to choose from. These games are chilled out and great for letting your creativity run amuck.

Planet Coaster

Planet Zoo


And that wraps it up for the second set of entries on our Top 50 list. Join us tomorrow for games 30 through 21.

See you then!

What do you think of the list so far? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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