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Transfer files from Mac to a PC

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I’ve recently got myself a new PC and that’s been a big transition for me as I’ve moved from a Mac which I’ve had since 2011 and now moving everything back to Windows, so first things first, how do I get all of my files from the Mac to a PC when using Windows 10?

To start off with, both computers need to be on the same home network / wireless.

PC connected to wifi


Mac connected to Wifi


Now on your PC, we need to find your IP address. In the search box at the bottom type in cmd and click to open command prompt.

Opening the command prompt box

And that will open the command box window for you.

Command Prompt box open

Once this is open, to get your IP address, type in ipconfig and you’ll get about 25 lines of text appear like below

IP config for command prompt box

Now on your Mac, hopefully you have both fired up with their own keyboard and mouse. I may have failed at this first time around and had to keep plugging and unplugging.. On your Mac, press Command and K or if you’re using a normal keyboard you can press Windows Key and K and you’ll get the below popup appear.

In this box, you need to enter your IP address from the command prompt screen on your PC, it will be the 4 blocks of 3, 3, 1 and 2 digits most likely which is located next to IPv4 Address, for mine it is under Wireless Lan adapter Wifi because I am using a wifi adapter card, but yours could be under ethernet adapter if you’re connected by ethernet cable.

Type smb://[your ip address] in the server address box

Hit connect and you should see a connecting box and then it will ask you for a name and password


Make sure you tick, Registered User and then the login details you need here are the ones used for your Windows 10 PC and hit Connect.

If you’re unsure as to your proper Username, in the command prompt screen type in ‘whoami’ and that will tell you your username exactly.

Once you’ve entered the details on the Mac, it’ll then take you to the next box asking you to select the Volumes you wish to mount.


If you click the option Users, then another folder will appear and you should see the files from your PC now on your Mac like below.


I’ve created a folder on my desktop called FORMAC

And that folder that should now appear under Desktop on the folder on the Mac, which it does.


Now using your Mac, you can drop files into this folder and they will then appear on the PC once copied over.

And you’re done, enjoy.

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