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Two Point Hospital Playthrough Series

In the current lockdown state I decided to dive into a new game to kill some of my free time, so where better to look than at the list of Top 50 games to play in self isolation, recently featured on here by our very own Danny Adams. If you haven't seen the series yet, it's a 5 part countdown running through so many different style of games. I decided to jump in on #35 of the list featured in Surviving Self-Isolation: Gaming Edition Part 2 - Two Point Hospital. As my first option that is... there could be lots more to come depending on how long this lockdown lasts.

Two Point Hospital PC Gameplay

I'm lucky to currently have a Reign Gaming PC at home, which is one of our high end Gaming PCs, so I'd have been able to play any of the games on the list at decent settings. However, this is more my style of game. Not only do I have a Reign PC with me for work at the moment but I also have the relevant video capture equipment, such as a Mic and Webcam, so what better way to celebrate starting a new game than recording the journey?

Playing through each level one by one and completing them with 3 stars, join me on the journey to the top of the hospital hill and share in my pain of curing patients with Grout, Lightheadedness and also the pain of not being able to treat everyone, or when worse comes to worse, having to experience potential casualties.

The first level of the game was Hogsport. Like most games, it's more of an introduction in how to play and getting used to the controls, gameplay and so on. The main recurring storyline in Level 1 is battling with patients who are diagnosed with Grout. You can see Level 1, Hogsport below split into 3 videos, each one focusing on getting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stars available for the hospital.

With Level 1, Hogsport now out of the way without much fuss really, we move on to Level 2 of the game, Lower Bullocks. Expecting some new rooms, illnessess and maybe a few trickier scenarios thrown into this level after the easier previous level. You can see Level 2, Lower Bullocks below split into 3 videos, each one focusing on getting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stars available for the hospital.

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Published on 30 Apr 2020

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