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Upcoming PC Games 2020

Upcoming PC Games in 2020

Each year we are treated to PC game releases that see our favourite’s get a prequel or sequel depending on which way developers want to develop the story, or new favourites are born from the endless amount of new releases that enter Steam daily. 

Before checking out the list of upcoming games in 2020, you can check out our top 5 heavy hitting games of 2020 here also.

We understand the pain that Gamers go through when they believe they’ve found the golden egg when it comes to a new game. You have probably fallen victim to it yourself at one point, the trailer looks incredible, the official reveal is even better, the beta peaks your interest, but the final product more times than not, just doesn’t quite meet expectations. 

If only there was an article that separated out those flops, from those at the top. 

Here is Novatech’s list of the best pc games 2020. 

#1 Cyberpunk 2077 

Take to the streets of Night City on April 16th 2020, as Cyberpunk 2077 finally releases, just 5 years after The Witcher 3. After Keanu Reeves dropped the bombshell that he will play the character Johnny Silverhand and put the gaming world into meltdown at E3 2019, what can we really expect from this game? Cyberpunk 2077 will be a first-person shooter to fully immerse the players into what the life of violence is really like on the streets of Night City, with cut-scenes being in third person. If killing people isn’t your thing, then you can utilise your fighting skills to inflict non-lethal damage to those you consider a threat. Multiplayer will also be featured on the game as CD Projeky Red said it plans to add “some multiplayer action” to the game, after the free DLC content has been released. This doesn’t give an exact date of when multiplayer will be available, but it’s definitely in the works. 

#2 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Developed by CyberConnect 2 (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Series, Asura’s Wrath), Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will be an action-rpg with fighting elements involved, that allows you to freely explore (Kind of) planet earth as we know it in the DBZ universe. Whilst exploring you can find various sub-quests that CyberConnect2 added in alongside the story mode, to bring some new and creative scenarios to Dragon Ball Z games (Other than following the main Dragon Ball Z Anime Story). You will be able to team up with Vegeta, collect Dragon Balls, and battle Frieza on January 16th 2020 when Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot releases on Steam.   

#3 Rainbow Six: Quarantine 

Rainbows Six: Quarantine is expected to be released between April 2020 and April 2021 as officially announced by developers Ubisoft. Rainbows Six: Quarantine is a single player and co-operative PvE spin off from Rainbows Six: Siege limited time event Operation Chimera. Not much is yet known about this game other than it will be a three-player co-op experience, with the main objective of fighting together against a virus of some sort. 

#4 Halo: Infinite 

Halo: Infinite is the new title release in the Halo Series, developed by 343 Industries exclusively for PC and Xbox One/Scarlett. Serving as a sequel to the storyline in Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: Infinite will follow more closely to the Master Chief’s story and mark the beginning of a new chapter, whilst maintaining glimpses of past events that led to this point in the Halo timeline. Halo: Infinite will have forge mode within multiplayer, much like the other games within the reclaimer saga, giving players the opportunity to showcase their creativity when it comes to creating new maps and game modes, even creating your own battle royale mode? With 343 Industries currently busy with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Halo:Infinite is rumoured to have a release date around the winter holidays in 2020. 

#5 Dying Light 2 

After the initial success of Dying Light, it was only right that it got its sequel. Set in what is described as a ‘Modern dark age’ in which there is no law and no civilization. This creates a whole new threat for players to be cautious of, human factions. Dying Light 2 will be set in a completely different city instead of Harran. During E3 it was confirmed by Tymon Smektala that the new map will be four times larger than all of the maps from the original combined, with estimations reaching 2 hours to walk from one side of the city to the other. Throughout your journey around the new city, much of your actions will shape the environment around you, with developers Techland introducing a “narrative sandbox” where choices you make in the game can have genuine consequences. Whilst no date has been specified, Dying Light 2 is rumoured to release in Spring of 2020. 

#6 Wasteland 3

A Squad-based RPG set in a post apocalyptic Colorado. Raising more than $3 Million on Kickstarter for a third installment, you best believe Wasteland 3 will not disappoint. With a release date of Spring of 2020, Wasteland 3 will be a direct sequel from the Wasteland 2 (Naturally). This means we will more than likely be following on from the events that occured within Wasteland 2, left without a proper HQ base, the Desert Rangers are asked for help by the Patriarch of the region to prevent the region from falling into disarray, in return the Rangers will be provided an endless amount of supplies to rebuild a HQ. After dispatching a team called Team November, you start Wasteland 3 as a sole survivor of Team November, with no knowledge of past events that lead to failure of the mission. 

#7  Ori and the will of the wisps

Releasing February 11, 2020 you will unravel Ori’s destiny as you broaden your horizons beyond the forest of Nibel. When compared to Ori and the Blind Forest, Will of the Wisps will feature far more combat scenarios than we had previously seen in Ori’s quest. Moon Studios have decided to introduce a whole new host of weapons and abilities that Ori can possess, including swords, bows and projectiles. 

#8 Marvel’s Avengers

The Avengers will assemble on 15th of May 2020, as players will be able to control their favourite avenger through a series of missions in either single or co-op modes. Much to the surprise of fans, Marvel’s Avengers will have its own unique story line and not those that many of us will know from the MCU or ultimates. In the trailer we see a horrible event happen on Avengers Day, which leads to superheroes being outlawed. Fast forward 5 years and we can see a city in peril and in need of saving. 

#9 Watch Dogs: Legion

Having experience Chicago and San Francisco in Watch Dogs 1 and 2, It’s now time for a post-brexit London. Unseen in any other game, WatchDogs: Legion will allow you to turn any non-playable character, into a newly-playable character. Yes, you can make anyone you come across the main protagonist within the game and they will each possess their own trait. However, be careful to protect those that provide the most value to the resistance, as permadeath will be featured within Watchdogs: Legion, which means when they’re gone, they’re gone. A Vast amount of player-customisation options will be available, from clothes style, to playing styles. The Release date is yet unknown after a delay issued by Ubisoft, but we do know it will not be coming anytime sooner than April 2020. 


#10 Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2

16 years after it predecessor, Vampire : The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2 will relocate to Seattle, as we join a broken vampire community, where multiple factions are all fighting for dominance. Where once a faction called The Camarilla stood on the pedestal, preventing the turning of humans to vampires (without their permission), we enter a chaotic time where a group of vampires are kidnapping and forcibly turning humans into vampires. The Masquerades - Bloodlines 2 will allow you to choose an allegiance between 5 different factions, providing multiple avenues to develop and customise your character as you develop through the story mode. Release is yet unknown, however is tipped to be at some point in 2020 to ensure the quality of the game is intact. 

#11 Skull & Bones 

Running off the momentum off the success of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Ubisoft discovered there was a high demand from gamers to sail, murder and steal their way across the seas as a pirate. Enter, Skull & Bones, an open world tactical action game that will offer both single and multiplayer components. This game will boast many customisable options, from your ship, clothes, and crew. The main concept of the game is to simply sink other ships, as you’re voyaging the high seas to gather loot and resources from those that fall victim to your skills as the most notorious pirate. Offering a “real world” experience, you will can either fall victim to or utilise the current weather conditions, will the wind be on your side as you sail into battle, or will it allow your enemy to out-maneuver your firepower? Remember to watch out for those tsunamis, typhoons, and the Kraken. Skull & Bones was initially scheduled for 2018, however this has now been delayed to sometime after April 2020. 


#12 Doom Eternal 

Originally said to be releasing this year, Doom Eternal will now release on Steam and Google Stadio on March 20th 2020. iD development are looking to provide a more polished and thrilling experience to fans of the Doom franchise after the 2016 release left a sour taste for some gamers. Players should be expecting new attachments that can be built onto the Doomslayer’s armour, including a neat machete to split demons in half. Attachments are not the only improvement players will notice, as showcased within released game footage, the doomslayers motion is a lot more fluid and agile which really comes in handy when a demon is trying to kill you, and if you get stuck you can now dash or climb walls to reach safety. Ever wondered what it’s like being a demon? Well now you can as iD are going to be including “battle mode”, a new online multiplayer mode where players can take charge as Pain Elemental, Mancubus, Arch-vile, Marauder or the Revenant to defeat the Doomslayers. 

#13 Gods And Monsters

From the creators of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, comes a storybook adventure based in an open-world of Greek mythology. This story book game follows that of a forgotten hero, who’s journey is to save and protect the all powerful Greek Gods from the stories main antagonist Typhon. Join this hero's journey as you come across the likes Gorgons, Hydras, Medusa and even cyclops in your pursuit to battle Typhon as you wield the powers of the Greek Gods on your quest. During E3 2019, the release date was teased to be sometime in Fall 2020.  


#14 Minecraft Dungeons 

The same game style we all know and love but Minecraft Dungeons will provide a whole new experience to gamers. An action-RPG created within Unreal Engine 4, Minecraft Dungeons will have a focus based on loot & combat, much like Fortnite with the inclusion of puzzles for you and up-to three friends to find and conquer. You and your friends will be able to drop in and out of online sessions whenever you please, just be careful when doing this in the middle of a battle as the difficulty is dynamic and based on the amount of members your squad has, so you could make things worse for your teammates. Combat will consist of the usual melee attacks with swords or hammers, or you can channel your inner robin hood with crossbows and bows available to attack enemies at range. Don’t expect to be resting for long once a battle is won however, as Mojang have removed the famous mining and building features Minecraft is known for, this in order to keep you progressing through the chapters and defeating all enemies that come your way, you can expect to join the isometric battle with your friends in April 2020. 

#15 Witchfire

Developed by the creators of The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Painkiller and Bulletstorm, The Astronauts are releasing a new dark fantasy FPS game inspired by Destiny available to gamers sometime in 2020. Working on behalf of the Church, you are missioned with saving the grim looking world as it is dominated and controlled by Witches, who are ready to protect their empire. Developed using Unreal Engine 4 and Photogrammetry technology, Witchfire will provide a beautiful and captivating experience for gamers by providing a graphics quality like no other. If you don’t believe us, check out the trailer here. As previously mentioned this game is currently only known to be releasing in 2020, with many fans eager for The Astronauts to provide a more accurate time-frame. 

#16 Outriders 

Brought to you by Square Enix and Developed by People Can Fly, Outriders is a dark modern shooter fans should be excited about. People Can Fly have a deep-rooted reputation for Shooter games with the assistance they provided in developing games like Gears Of War: Judgement, Fortnite, and Bulletstorm, so you already know this game will be the real-deal. Set in a dystopian society on the Planet Enok, your customised outrider’s mission is to journey across the planet to find the origin of a mysterious signal your tracker is locked onto. As you travel, be careful of the dangerous inhabitants Enok hosts, friends can drop in and out of your session (Max 3 Players) to aid you along the way or join you for the long-run. More information is due to be released in Winter, but for now all we know is we can’t wait to try this out in Summer 2020. 

#17 Tales of Arise

The newest installment in Bandai Namco’s Tale of Series, Tales Of Arise yet to receive a solid release date has been said to come to gamers sometime in 2020. The 17th installment sees the introduction of two new characters Alphen and Shionne and Two new worlds: Planet Dahna; Planet Rena. However, Characters and worlds aren’t the only new elements introduced with Tales Of Arise, as this also becomes the first true next-gen title in the Tale of series, developed using Unreal Engine 4. Combat in Tales Of Arise will not be too dissimilar to previous installments following the same linear motion battle system, however Tales of Producer Yusuke Tomizawa has hinted that changes should be expected when concerning combat in Tales Of Arise. 

#18 Twelve Minutes

From veteran Rockstar and Ubisoft developer Luis Antonio, comes his solo development TWELVE MINUTES. You are stuck in a 12 minute time loop, spending a romantic evening with your wife, when suddenly a police detective breaks in and ruins the evening accusing your wife of murder and then beats you to death. You then find yourself in the exact same situation, again and again. Players are expected to use their knowledge of what’s to come, in a bid to change the outcome and break the twelve minute loop. Will you be able to break the loop in 2020? 

#19 Destroy All Humans! Remake

Console cult classic game, Destroy All Humans! Will be getting it’s well overdue remake and will welcome PC players to the experience for the first time as Nordic / Black Forest Games Studio take the reigns from what was originally a Pandemic Studios development back in 2005. For those of you that never joined Crypto’s previous missions to destroying the human civilisation can expect to wreak havoc in the 1950’s America, in a bid to topple the US government and collect human DNA samples. Gameplay is staying true to what the original was, with minor tweaks made to the gameplay and a complete overhaul to the graphics as Black Forest Games look to give Crypto a much needed makeover. You will be able to Destroy All Humans from early 2020 when Destroy All Humans! Is expected to be available from Steam. 

#20 A Total War Saga : Troy

A Total War Saga: are set to introduce Greek Mythology as we enter the twenty-year Trojan war. A creative strategy game where you can dictate and control the armies of Troy, or mycenaean greek forces. Creative Assembly Sofia are lead developers for this title and have also gifted us with the gods and monsters that Greek mythology is full of, well sort of anyway. The Famous Minotaur is a specimen of a man, built like a rock, wielding his weapon whilst wearing a bull’s skull, and centaurs are members of the infantry riding into battle on horseback. However, historical traditions will also affect gameplay, honouring the gods and building them temples will see you collect rewards that will serve you well in battle.  Much to look forward to in this installment of A Total War Saga: that will be released in 2020, our suspicions is that it will be within the first quarter, as Warhammer 3 is set to be released late 2020. 

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