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We are not denying our age, we're quietly proud of it.

We are a very different business today than the one that was founded in February 1987 as an engineering company.  In the two decades since then Novatech has established itself as one of the UK’s foremost technology suppliers, looking after millions of customers and thousands of the country’s most discerning businesses and schools.

We have a team of over 200 incredible people working together, under one roof, in our HQ in Portsmouth who have the expertise and experience to deliver our promise of “worry free computing”.  We work closely with all our customers to enable their organisations to flourish and to grow.

We never stand still or rest on our laurels and we have evolved to offer managed services, network infrastructure, server virtualisation and a host of more sophisticated software, cloud and hardware solutions.  Because of our teams’ experience and their capabilities, Novatech today is far less about what we sell to our customers, and much more about how we work with them.

Today Novatech Account Managers have become trusted partners to thousands of great British companies, not only ensuring that our customers get all the technology that they need from one trustworthy source, but also that more and more business leaders understand the value of worry free computing.

Novatech is proud to be a zero-landfill organisation, ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and we have recently attained CHAS accreditation that allows our installation and engineering teams to work in sensitive and secure environments.  We continue to be recognised for customer service excellence; this year by the readers of PC Pro magazine who rated the experience of buying from Novatech just behind John Lewis and triumphantly ahead of Apple and Amazon – three giants who are unquestionably customer service experts.

And keeping our customers happy over the long-term is what we have always done best. We believe that our customers are our greatest assets, so we do everything in our power to ensure that we give them the ideal services, products and support for their organisations to thrive.

Every customer is different with unique needs and challenges, but our experience with a huge range of companies and schools means that they all are in safe, expert hands.

When Zsa Zsa Gabor was asked what she would do if she made it to her hundredth birthday she replied quick as a flash “Why I’d say I was ninety-nine darling”.

We’re not denying our age; we’re quietly proud of it, but we are far more proud of our people and the company that they have helped us to become.  There’s never been a better time to work with Novatech and we are only just getting started on our mission to give everyone worry free computing.

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Published on 27 Feb 2014

Last updated on 27 Feb 2014

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