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Novatech Automated Direct 2 Desk Logistics

A Comprehensive, Fully Automated, Sustainable Service for Seamless Remote Joiner, Mover and Leaver Asset Lifecycle Management.

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Remote Asset Lifecycle Management has never been easier


Proven to reduce operational costs, the complexity of remote IT asset management, and reverse logistics, our Direct 2 Desk circular services are perfect for enterprise organisations looking for a flawless Joiner, Mover and Leaver process (JML).

Our configurable, dedicated self-serve portals are quick to deploy, easy-to-use, and tailorable to your exact needs. With fully automated reverse logistics for leavers, plus device reset and refresh with rapid redeployment for new joiners, Direct 2 Desk is efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and scalable. But most importantly, it's Zero Touch.

That's exactly how we helped support Monzo bank.

Can your current service provider do that?

What is Direct 2 Desk?


From planning, procurement, and integration, to maintenance, upgrades, and eventual retirement, there's a lot of legwork involved in the onboarding and leaver process. Not to mention the considerable space required for storing and processing all of your inventory.

Once you factor in home and remote working business models, it's really no surprise that the JML process keeps HR and Operations Teams perpetually occupied. With our Direct 2 Desk services though, we take care of it all.
Simply, transparently, sustainably, and entirely in-house.

That means less stress, no logistics, and complete circularity, allowing you to focus your budget and your efforts on the things which matter most.

Why choose Novatech?


An in-house advantage

With everything in-house and under one roof, we're able to offer you the most efficient, reliable, and sustainable circular service around.

From initial provisioning and asset tagging, to handling reverse logistics and sustainably recycling, we have full control over the asset lifecycle. And because we own the entire process, you can be sure that we can, and will, look after you better than anyone else.

Better at holding your inventory

Most large re-sellers don't have the capacity to provision devices themselves. Instead, they outsource this to the big box distributors, opening up the risk of miscommunication which, ultimately, leads to deployment delays and an unsatisfactory employee onboarding experience.

Thanks to our PC production capabilities and our 60,000 sq. ft. Logistics Centre, we're able to store, asset tag and image at speed. And most importantly, with scale.

Home delivery & collection you can count on

Due to our years of experience in retail, we have well-developed in-house IT infrastructure and logistical capabilities specifically designed for this kind of work.

We are set up to efficiently and effectively deliver thousands of devices to thousands of different addresses all over the UK, every day and on a next day basis.

Thanks to our enhanced customer notification system providing one hour delivery time slots and realtime end-user parcel tracking, 99.8% of our next day deliveries are delivered at first attempt.

We won't keep your employees waiting.

Better at helping you manage your Circular Economy Strategy

Unlike larger re-sellers, we have comprehensive in-house asset management and configuration capabilities that operate at scale. But why is this important?

We believe the most efficient and sustainable way to manage your IT assets is to create a circular device lifecycle, right from an employee's first day. That means taking the opportunity to reuse devices whenever possible. As such, if a product returns to us and is still within your specification requirements, we can make reuse the first option by default.

Once collected, our configuration department can rapidly assess, reset, refresh, and return the device to your inventory in our Logistics Centre, ready for redeployment. Where reuse is not an option, our in-house team can refurbish for resale, or donation to an organisation of your choice.

At the end of the device lifecycle, we ensure that the equipment is securely wiped, recycling it ethically and sustainably with full audit reporting. All maximising residual value.

Partnered with your preferred hardware providers

With an open, flexible approach and impartial advice on device selection, we can ensure industry competitive pricing no matter what your users' requirements may be.

Working directly with a wide range of Tier 1 partners like Dell, HP, and Apple, you'll be able to give your users a limitless range of hardware options to choose from.


Tried & Trusted

Novatech have serviced and shipped D2D equipment to over 20,000 new employees for a whole host of companies across the UK.

These include major organisations such as Monzo, Octopus, and OVO, who have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process.

Reverse Logistics and Rapid Redeployment

Whereas many other service providers focus solely on the onboarding process, Direct 2 Desk provides total circularity by covering the leaver and collection process too.

Any device we collect undergoes a thorough assessment to determine its reusability and, wherever possible, the equipment will be reset and refreshed, ready for immediate redeployment.

Reverse Logistics and Rapid Redeployment

Assess, Reset, Refresh

With device reset and refresh as the preferred option for all your leaver equipment, you can maximise residual value with our sustainable asset lifecycle.

Inventory held in our Logistics Centre

New hires will never be kept waiting on their first day. Your inventory will be held free of charge in our 60,000 sq. ft. Logistics Centre, available for immediate deployment whenever and wherever you need it.

Refurbished for Resale or Donation

Recycling is great, but reuse is even better: devices that no longer meet your specifications can be professionally refurbished, with all sensitive data securely wiped and destroyed. The equipment can then be resold, or donated to an organisation of your choice.

Monzo x Novatech


Monzo were growing fast. In fact, they were onboarding 100 new hires a month, which was a lot more than their HR and IT team could handle. They needed a partner that had the scale, logistics and distribution to support their growth.

We designed and built a self-service system that allowed new joiners to order their own equipment. We then shipped that equipment to them, ready to use and fully charged.

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Responsibly Recycled

Where reuse, resale, or donation are not an option, at the end of a device's life, we will ensure it is recycled in the most sustainable way possible.

All of the devices we process are disposed of in compliance with all WEEE scheme regulations and requirements, and we'll also provide you with full audit reporting for total transparency.

Reverse Logistics and Rapid Redeployment

Custom Portal

Manage everything through your own custom branded portal

  • Fully branded
  • Custom role-based access groups
  • Personalised product catalogue
  • Pre-arranged pricing
  • PDF quote/order/invoice creation
  • Shipment and delivery tracking
  • Order history & Asset management
  • Unbranded packaging and invoices (if required)
Reverse Logistics and Rapid Redeployment

Pre-loaded Products

Your portal can be pre-loaded with the products or services that you need, and you can assign different levels of access to your team.

Custom Design

The design can be tailored to match your branding and access can be restricted to specific locations if you need.

Complete Visibility

You'll be able to track the status of all jobs and keep a record of your order history, invoices and asset management logs.

Why Are We the Right Partner?


We're a specialist computer manufacturer and supplier with decades of experience ordering, building, configuring, refurbishing, and shipping IT equipment.

We have the scale, vendor relationships and distribution network to help you get the equipment you need, when you need it, at a great price.

That's why we have over 20,000 Trustpilot ratings ratings on Trustpilot.

Why you should partner with Novatech
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