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Bowyer Engineering.


The History page on Bowyer Engineering's website tells you all you need to know about the heritage and ethos of a company that has been building precision engineered products since the end of the war.



What we did


Bowyer Engineering, like Novatech, believe that whether customers have specific requirements or just a vague idea about what they’re looking for they should be fully supported through the whole process and offered practical advice and constructive suggestions.

Bowyer’s initial needs were for computers capable of CAD work, but without the premium price-tag usually associated with large workstations.


After detailed consultation with their Account Manager, Bowyer Engineering agreed that Novatech’s high-end gaming PCs had the capacity to cope with the complex graphics and data demands of their work. All of Novatech gaming PCs are designed and built to a high-specification, with high performance graphics cards, large amounts of RAM, large hard drives and extra efficient cooling fans to keep the systems running at their best. Bowyer Engineering now use several of these PCs for design tasks but also rely on over 20 ‘normal’ Novatech PCs for administration and to undertake less complex tasks.


Managing Director James Bowyer explains - "We switched to using Novatech some years ago at the suggestion of our IT Manager and since then we haven’t bought a PC anywhere else. When we were looking for machines capable of handling CAD software, it was a choice between one big workstation or two Novatech Gaming PCs, for the same price. We found that the PCs were just as capable and quick and were always at the cutting edge of graphics processing power, so we’ve become coverts. More importantly, we appreciate the speed of Novatech’s response and supply. Whenever we have decided that we need a new computer, Novatech get us exactly the right machine delivered within a couple of days. Put simply, we really like their products and customer service and to date we’ve never had a problem with any of their machines, so I am very happy to recommend Novatech."

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