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Just Eat.


From its humble beginnings in a Danish basement in 2001, JUST EAT have grown to become one of the world’s leading online and mobile takeaway companies – operating in 15 different countries with no plans to stop growing any time soon.


JUST EAT, like most companies, need to check the devices that log on to their network to make sure there's no malware or security threats as these can compromise business activities as well as data protection laws. Chris decided to move over to an open source solution in order to monitor the internal networks. When he ran the initial system tests, he used three old Novatech towers that he already had. The machines, whilst proving the open source system would work, took up a lot of space and produced a lot of heat and noise. Chris wanted something would solve this, and would integrate seamlessly with the existing network.


Whilst browsing on our website, Chris came across a server that was almost ideal, but needed more hard drives and more network ports added. After contacting Karl, he learned that these servers could be customised via our in-house production line. These reduced the need for three Novatech towers to just one.


Working with the new, consolidated solution meant that space, heat, noise and power consumption have been significantly reduced. In fact, the test was so successful that Chris has been rolling out our machines world-wide. Novatech servers now monitor many of JUST EAT's internal networks, with more offices in the pipeline.

Since I first started working with Karl, I have consistently had great service and communication. Karl, and Novatech, have become a trusted partner of ours so I knew when I started this project that they were going to be my first port of call. The machines that I've used to monitor security threats on our system have done the job perfectly and without fuss. I look forward to working with Novatech more in the future and cannot recommend them highly enough. Chris Townsend - Just Eat

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