Hampshire, England – 23/08/2018 – As of July 2018, Novatech and AVerMedia announced an exciting new partnership to push the practical abilities of data capturing with Deep Learning systems. These systems will be boosted by the advanced power of machine and artificial intelligence and work with IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices.

Novatech will promptly begin selling AVerMedia’s advanced hardware, including Edge devices with IoT, that will work seamlessly to create an ecosystem of connected devices that communicate with their Deep Learning systems and capture data at an unprecedented rate. The technology features NVIDIA Tegra chips boosted with the full advantages of a supercomputer. The abilities of Deep Learning will be opened to every industry, from manufacturing, retail, to sports or entertainment.

For over thirty years, Novatech has sought technological innovation. Working with AVerMedia, Novatech will be selling a full wrap-around service for these systems, from training, data scientists, to reliable customer support. Individuals and organisations looking to expand their business through Deep Learning can enquire and apply today at: (insert website)

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