Artificial intelligence (AI) needs no introduction. It surrounds our modern lives on a daily basis, with properties ranging from business servers to recreational applications. Simple, narrow, or weak AI platforms currently exist in our lives today; think Apples’ Siri or Google’s consumer Google Home. Whether it’s on your phone or running gargantuan business servers, our AI platforms have found an adaptable home with Novatech.

Artificial Intelligence is the ability for a programmed mechanical agent to exhibit human-like intelligence that can be applied to varied roles. The ability to perceive one’s self, to be self-aware, and to extract all the information available to deliver accurate results are now all qualities of programming for AI. These are no longer the computing restrictions of simple science-fiction. The walls of what was considered impossible have been dissolved with a vast magnitude of possibilities.

Strong AI systems, or Artificial general intelligence, are AI systems with generalised human cognitive abilities. These systems have the ability to find solutions, even when presented with an unfamiliar task.

From an industry point of view, there is nothing bigger that will change the way business is currently done on a global scale.

Imagine AI powered systems that are more effective than humans at certain tasks, with lower error rates and risk of accuracy. Businesses today always adopts new technologies that can achieve more efficient results, or give you the edge over your competition. With the coming prevalence of artificial intelligence predicted within the next twenty to forty years, the time for investment and action is now. As it is with business, whoever adopts new technology the quickest will undoubtedly have a massive advantage over the competition.

Never before has there been such a fundamental change in the way we do business as there is with the emergence of AI that it has to offer. Ultimately, it has the power to reshape the world of business more than we can currently perceive. AI is just waiting to say hello. 

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