Deep Learning and academia are bonded to one another. Academics have been shaping and reforming the very face of artificial intelligence and the properties that it can be adjusted to for years. Due to a huge surge of innovation with researchers and academics over the years who work with deep learning frameworks as essential tools such as Caffe 2, MXNet, and TensorFlow, Deep Learning has been utilised in academia for far longer than most industries and continues to build and grow.

The academic world, from computer science, informatics, physics, to public policy, has rapidly adopted Deep Learning to benefit organisations and projects by cleaning up resources and boosting system utilities for advanced properties.

Academics can build their own system to target specific data. Human-error is slashed, as is continuous maintenance concerns. The data is yours to be extracted, to help you in changing the world we live in.

Novatech is in a position to support Deep Learning and help you shape the world of tomorrow, today. Contact one of our dedicated team to find out more about how DL could change the way that you research.

Novatech Academic

Discover amazing discounts on the purchase of products for Academia that you will only find with Novatech. By purchasing products via Novatech Academic, institutions will receive additional discounts.

In line with the launch of the new website, Novatech is offering an additional discount of 5% from our entire range of Deep Learning systems within this section of the website. This discount scheme runs as a standalone discount and does not affect any additional discounts Novatech or our suppliers are running.

  • Unprecedented support and sponsorship for research groups:

    Novatech are pleased to offer sponsorships for research groups within Academia. Please contact a member of our team today to learn how we can help and support you with access to the latest cutting-edge technology, completely free of charge.

  • Free training courses:

    Free training courses for CUDA and workshops looking at the latest advancements within machine and deep learning.

  • Exposure to Academia via industry events:

    Novatech would like to invite you to attend leading industry events to highlight the work you are currently doing and that of the University you represent.

  • Student discount scheme:

    This scheme is valid only for students. If you are thinking of purchasing a new laptop, or just need a new CPU, Novatech are pleased to announce a scheme designed specifically for students. (Coming soon)

  • Technology updates:

    On the launch of all new products, Novatech will issue you with a professional information pack on the new technology, helping you to stay abreast of the latest technology announcements.