Deep Learning is having a profound impact on the retail industry, from product inception to the final sell. Explore how AI is revolutionising retail worldwide, through inventory forecasting and stock level optimisation, natural language processing (NLP) for personalised shopping experiences, computer vision for sizing efficiency, smart algorithms for fraud detection, and much more. Enquire today about how you could recast your retail experience.

Current and future uses and benefits.

Today, Deep Learning is an established technology that is being employed in a number of areas:

  • RT Database:

    GPU-accelerated in-database enables users and data scientists to work in a unified system.

  • Warehouse and logistic management:

    Demand forecasting - with IBM Watson Supply Chain. Warehouse efficiency - track logistic assets and routes to predict supply chain movements.

  • Warehouse robots:

    Semi-automated platform, designed for maximum efficiency and to minimise down time.

  • POS and digital signage:

    Simulate virtual augmented reality.

  • Pricing management and dynamic pricing:

    Manage pricing with deep learning for dynamic understanding.

  • Payment system:

    Create payment systems by retina and facial selfie identification.