One of the key points of information in the formation of an AI start-up is to get your product or service to market quicker than the other AI start-ups that you are competing with. Don’t be left behind.

High-performance GPU systems are normally integral to this process and we at Novatech have more than enough history in the field of technology to understand what will be the boost that your system requires. Here at Novatech, we have a wealth of experience working with AI start-ups already behind us. Now we are looking at what is before us in the future. We understand the time limitations of funding rounds Working with what you have today to best optimise your systems, we can adapt your system to the dawning technological landscape.

We also work closely with NVIDIA; introducing you to relevant parties and individuals to help with your development process, we can assist with the Inception programme, to help get you support from technical training to discounts on hardware.

Current and future uses and benefits.

Today, Deep Learning is an established technology that is being employed in a number of areas:

  • First to market:

  • Improving accuracy results:

  • Essential for large scale deployments: