About SoftSystems

SoftSystems defines its role as an external, collaborative R&D. We are a company funded by scientists and we have been working closely with a group of such for many years. Our scientific specialization is in a broad sense the Data Science. We started with mathematical modelling, statistics and Big Data analytics and, as a logical next step, we moved towards machine learning and currently deep learning areas.

The examples of the Artificial Intelligence projects developed by our team were related to many different areas starting from medicine (creutzfeldt jakob disease automatic detection, heart stroke probability estimation based on many patient symptoms including ECG analysis), oil leak detection systems based on measuring of flow anomalies (applied in USA in industrial cables installations), refurbishment of a long-term plan for big energy machines (pumps/generators) development (multi-criteria optimization problem) for Nuclear Power Plant (USA), classification rules engine for Duda meat company, automatic route and point-of-interest estimation based on automatically built driver profile for European Car manufacturer and finally ending at anomaly and hacking attacks detection in SCADA networks.


  • Bartosz Sakowicz

    Co-founder and CEO

  • Kris Moder

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Marcin W√≥jtowski

    Co-founder and CTO

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R&D and innovation across a range of industries




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