How does the Consultancy service work?

inception to deployment

We consult and work with customers from the ground up on projects, from inception to deployment. A dedicated project manager will be allocated to you, meaning all aspects of your project are managed in a professional and efficient way. Our aim is to fully understand the core reasons or benefit's in the area of development that you are engaged in so that we can best evaluate your needs as a company.

Fully managed

Novatech's deep learning project management is carried out on many different levels of production, ranging from hardware environment that new technology needs to be integrated into, or a client considering the correct software infrastructure that they need to be supported for their system. Once we understand the primary aspects of the project, we can then start to best advice on technology solutions that will fit your model of need.

Deep Experience

Once possible solutions are identified, Novatech progress to introduce you to our engineers and architects from our leading suppliers such as NVIDIA and IBM, helping you to facilitate a knowledge sharing programme that is designed to enable a higher level of understanding for yourself. This typically involves Software / Hardware Architects, continuous access to Data Scientists to help in managing the project, with a fantastic Proof of Concept service for trying and testing a Novatech Deep Learning that is compatible with your organisation.

Why do we offer a consultancy approach to our Deep Learning Platforms?

The reason for our approach is actually very simple. We realised very quickly 3 key points about these systems.

01 - evolution of technology

Technology (Hardware) is evolving so quickly that most organisations have a general idea as to what they need, but are not 100% confident.

These products currently come under the realms of black box technology. As such most of our clients are actively seeking as much advice and information as possible to better help understand what it is they need.

What are the key differences between deployment platforms and training platforms? How can I scale up my investment from an initial development environment into a more robust and scalable platform? What are the current software stacks I need to consider? How do I maximise on my investment by have the correct storage infrastructure to back up the outlay on GPU based platforms?

All of these points and more are the reason that companies engage with us.

02 - Decision making

Novatech cherishes our customer relationships and the dialogue that leads us to finding you the ideal product.

The second key reasoning for us was that clients were speaking to us about their projects and aims. They were mentioning a particular platform or product that they felt based matched their needs (for example, I need two servers populated with these components) but after the consultancy process was finished, they actually purchased a completely different system than they had originally planned on purchasing.

Of course, the opposite also occurred, whereas a customer thought they needed a workstation but in reality, they actually needed a server-based product. So, we knew there was a massive market for a consultancy approach for this technology which we were confident we could provide at an exceptional and helpful rate.

03 - Proof of concept

You wouldn't purchase a car without a test drive. Proof of Concept provides an essential service for start-up organisations looking to test the waters of Deep Learning systems for their environment.

Proof of concept is the final stage in the process. After having identified the platforms most suited to your need, we then organise for the hardware to be installed into your environment / server rooms for a highly detailed testing period.

During this final process you retain all the touch points with our engineers and those of our core partners to oversee and best advice on the usage of the system (calorbration, initial set up, optimisation techniques and to overcome any software bottlenecks they may present themselves). After the PoC has finished the different teams come together to analyse the data from the PoC to insure everything is as it should be, and to finally qualify the platform of choice.

How we work

Since 1987 Novatech has provided business, public sector, schools, colleges and universities nationwide and overseas with high-performance, adaptable computing solutions. Our Long-lasting partnerships have been based on outstanding customer service and our continued commitment to quality and innovation.

Design and planning

Whether it's a server build or complicated integrated rack design, we believe that preparation is key to proper implementation.

Our process pulls together of all of our expertise and experience, to make the solutions we design and build the best that they can be. We apply this way of working to every project, to deliver pragmatic technical solutions. Collaboration and teamwork are at the foundation of everything we do.

Custom Engineering

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and can manage your design, build, and configuration of compute, network, and storage solutions, specific to your needs and applications.

We have invested heavily into our in-house production facilities to ensure that all of our customers appropriate compliance, documentation and regulation needs are met.


We source from technology from manufacturers and vendors across the globe, and with no ties or affiliations, we always offer impartial advice. Over the years we have nurtured strong relationships with some of the world's leading technology brands, such as Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA and AMD to name just a few, giving us visibility into product roadmaps, access to better support programs and allocated products.

Also, with the purchasing power derived from manufacturing over 24,000 systems a year, we are able to give our customers the benefit of very competitive pricing.

Support & Maintenance

At Novatech we see the provision of on-going technical and customer support as an integral part of any product we build. You will have the full support of your own dedicated account manager; from drafting project outlines through testing and deployment to the refresh or replacement of the system. Novatech prides itself on winning ‘customers for life’ and with a wide range of warranty and support plans we can ensure that mission critical systems are maintained to the highest level, at all times.

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