Novatech POC and SOR

Proof of Concept / Sale or Return

Novatech offers a fully comprehensive PoC consultation. Our aim is to enable your teams to better understand from a hardware point of view the necessary steps required to help your organisation meet its goals and objectives. With an unprecedented consulting approach that offers you access to Novatech and their industry partner's full resources and knowledge, a fusion of idea's are available at your disposal to make your deep learning project the most powerful system that it can be. If you still seem unsure, discover Novatech's fantastic services with a Proof of Concept or Sale of Return below.

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Proof of Concept (PoC)

A Novatech Proof of Concept requires minimal time and is a well-spent investment for organisations looking for that premium deep learning system that will match their requirements. If you may be hesitant about the initial investments, Proof of Concepts provide a great test of a system; easy to run while demanding minimal maintenance. If you have any questions about a deep learning system integrating with your infrastructure, the Proof of Concept will provide the perfect relief of information about the initial deployment.
With Novatech's full facilities at your disposal; data scientists, advanced software, independent engineers, and much more, manage your experiments and discover the full performance available with Novatech dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

Sale or Return (SoR)

Novatech's Sale or Return's are for customers who know what they desire but don't require a PoC. In which case, we can offer clients a Sale or Return model on our available IBM and power 9 systems. Try the system in-house for up to 2 weeks to analyse the performance data of the system, for purchase verification purposes, and at the end of the trial you have the option to purchase or return.

Qualification of technology and insurance cover is all that is required.

Return policies apply.

The Novatech advantage

Working with some of the leading global names within Deep Learning we are able to adress the following key areas:

Industry Knowledge

Working with Novatech, INTEL, IBM architects, and Nvidia DGX Software Architects and Engineers are but a few of the fantastic, talent personnel at disposal to align your efforts.

Choice of Hardware

Discover a complete range of Enterprise grade solutions available from HPC clusters, farms, workstations, Grid platforms, networking infrastructure and storage, all using state of the art components from Nvidia, Intel, Samsung, AMD, among others.

Software Support

Novatech offers experienced Linux developers and talented Deep Learning scientists in-house, with access also to NVIDIA, IBM, and INTEL support.

Hardware Support

Novatech engineers will gladly install your chosen system, giving detailed operating training to your support staff or user groups for future utilisation.


On-site Proof of Concept (PoC) that is controlled directly by you, with no data sensitivity issues around transmission via cloud. Make your worry our concern.

Complete project management

Novatech Deep Learning consultants steer your project and supervise a tailored, efficient management.

How to apply

We will walk you through the entire process. Contact a member of the Deep Learning team today to find out how you can provide just a taste of what optimised work can be.