Fast, resilient and reliable internet for Education

As the internet becomes a key learning tool and the demands placed upon a school's connectivity service are constantly increasing, it's more important than ever before to ensure that your internet connection is the best that it can be.

With this in mind, our sister company Novatech Connect offer award-winning Internet connectivity, as well as Smoothwall and Fortinet, to provide your school with all the security and filtering you need to keep up with the latest government legislation. Visit our dedicate site to read more on Novatech Connect.

What is Novatech Connect

Novatech Connect are one of the few ISPs-delivering Internet services that are tailored to a growing portfolio of schools, trusts and businesses across the UK, bringing cost-effective Internet packages without compromising on service or reliability.

Novatech Connect understands that schools are strained with time and budget restraints that challenge their internet options. That?s why we tailor practical packages; designed and configured to meet your needs and benefit your school?s education as a priority.