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How will this service help me?

A dynamic and busy school demands a solid, reliable and fast network to power the advantages of twenty-first century learning. Novatech specialise in planning, designing, installing and deploying powerful and flexible network infrastructure that will prepare you for the digital and mobile future.

How we do it

Copper & Fibre networks

Novatech are experts at designing, deploying and supporting robust networks. Whether you need to upgrade or reconfigure a slow network, or if your current network needs replacing, we're here to help.


It all starts with a plan. During an initial onsite survey we will discuss any existing challenges you're currently facing, as well as identifying potential areas for cost saving and improvement.


With this information our experts will then design a tailored solution to meet your needs and requirements.

Install & Deployment

Once you're happy with everything our highly skilled, friendly team of engineers will visit you on a date to suit you and commence installation. During this time our engineers will be happy to work alongside your in-house technical team (if you have one) to give them the fundamental knowledge required to maintain your network.

Beyond the hardware

We believe that buying the hardware is just the start, so with the help of your dedicated account manager we can create a tailored support package to suit your school's needs and budget.

Wireless Networks

A Powerful, reliable and secure Wireless network is quickly becoming a vital requirement to digital learning. Novatech have a vast experience in designing, installing and deploying such wireless solutions.

Specialist Survey tools

After an initial on-site survey our engineers use a suite of specialist survey tools to generate heat maps, enabling us to plan for sufficient coverage and signal density.

Coverage & Density requirements

Simply making the WiFi signal reach a classroom is not enough, we design networks with density in mind too. Our networks are designed to give enough coverage and strength in every classroom, allowing mobile learning throughout the entire campus.

Seamless roaming

Experience high quality, uninterrupted Wifi connectivity even when moving around the building connecting to multiple access points.

Fortinet & Ruckus experts

Our onsite engineers are fully certified and have years of experience installing and configuring Wireless networks.

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