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CPU Coolers and Fans

High-performance PCs have high-performance CPUs, and high performance CPUs need high-performance cooling. If you want to push the envelope of performance on your CPU by overclocking, or simply want to extend its life when running at stock clock speeds and voltages, or perhaps you simply want a fan that runs as quietly as possible, then Novatech have you covered with an extensive range of cooling solutions featuring all the major brands. And if you get stuck, there is always our promise of life time technical support from our UK based Technicians.

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ThermalTake Riing Silent 12 Pro Blue CPU Cooler
Eleven Fan Blade Design, Patented Riing LED, Optimized Silent Operation
Ordered Upon Request More information about stock Next Day Delivery only £5.99*

Stock Code: TT-R12PROB
Manf Code: CL-P021-CA12BU-A

£46.37 inc vat

£38.64 ex vat


Noctua NH-D14 Dual Radiator and Fan CPU Cooler
Sockets Supported: 1366 / 1155 / 1156 / 775 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2
Dispatches within 1 - 3 Days More information about stock Next Day Delivery only £5.99*

Stock Code: NOC-NHD14
Manf Code: NH-D14

£74.99 inc vat

£62.49 ex vat


Noctua NH-D15S Dual Radiator Quiet CPU Cooler
140mm Fan, up to 1500RPM, 160mm height, up to 140W TDP
Dispatches within 1 - 3 Days More information about stock Next Day Delivery only £5.99*

Stock Code: NOC-D15S
Manf Code: NH-D15S

£74.09 inc vat

£61.74 ex vat


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Why you should upgrade your stock CPU Cooler

It’s baffling how many PC builders will pay little attention to the CPU Cooler as a priority component in their custom builds, often opting to splash out on an extravagant GPU or customised RGB lighting instead. ‘Why is a CPU Cooler important?’, I hear you say, ‘they’re just maintenance fans for your overworked CPU, right?’


CPU Coolers not only keep your components from overheating, they also increase the lifetime of your other PC components by subduing them at a safe temperature while operational, preventing them from being strained by the heat that would significantly reduce their lifetimes.

Make no mistake – don’t just settle for the cheaply designed “Stock Cooler” whirling and overheating inside your PC case. Consumers often pay the price by settling for the Stock CPU Cooler that comes with their build, reducing their ultra-custom PC into an over-priced table. One of the foremost upgrades that you can do for your computer is to install an aftermarket CPU cooler. Nothing beams “custom PC” like an impressively designed cooling system that keeps your CPU silently safe, gleaming in your opened PC like the stellar engine of a Ferrari.

Whether you are looking to avoid loud noise, wish to overclock higher, or just want your PC to look sleek, there’s an aftermarket CPU cooler for you! Let’s find out why you should upgrade.

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Chill out with a CPU cooler

Your PC versus Heat

Heat is a computers’ nemesis. Although computers are designed to seamlessly ventilate all your internal components as they run simultaneously, the machines CPU (central processing unit) radiates huge amounts of heat for the longer that it is active, rising as you continue to use your PC. Without the proper cooling system, this can cause serious harm to your CPU, making your computer unstable, prone to sporadic shutting down, and, worse yet, can even be damaging to nearby components.

If you push your PC as much as we at Novatech do for our daily work, then you know the pains that an issue like an overheating CPU can bring to your machine. It’s an unnecessary malfunction that can be easily amended. Remember, a cool PC is a happy PC. Lower CPU temperatures result in improved reliability and efficiency.

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