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Startech SSD Solid State Hard Drive

Gigabyte for gigabyte, solid state drives (or SSD) are more expensive than standard hard disk drives (HDD) but for a number of very good reasons. Adding an SSD to your machine is simply the best upgrade to purchase, for its capabilities in speed beyond what you even thought possible. A solid-state drive will also allow incredibly fast read and write speeds and enhance the overall performance of Laptops or PCs. .

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How to turn your Solid State Drive into a Portable Drive

As a data storage device, a solid-state drive provides for your computer the same functionality as a typical hard disk drive (HDD). But it’s in how they operate that you will truly see the difference. While a HDD stores operates with continuously moving parts to store their data, an SSD relies on its block storage. This is instantly more efficient; faster and more expansive in its properties. Solid state means literally no moving parts. Since SSDs do not comprise any moving parts, they operate reliably, silently and make for a durable and energy efficient option for data storage.

An SSD can communicate quicker to process and deliver your data. Speed is the primary advantage that ranks solid-state drives over traditional HDD’s, making SSD’s the single best investment when it comes to maximising the speed you want from your machine as a beneficial upgrade. You won’t know how you ever worked without it.

Top Brands and Range of SSD Sizes

Novatech stocks a vast range of internal and external SSD storage solutions from manufacturers such as Crucial, Samsung, SanDisk and Kingston and more.

If you’re interested in upgrading your data storage to an SSD, a new solid-state drive can speed up your computer in a number of ways:

  • Instantaneously launch your applications.
  • Significantly reduce your machines boot time.
  • Vast improvements with duplications.
  • A noticeable lack of lag when opening documents.

If you’re spending money on an upgrade, you want the best. Differentiating and picking between the various options for SSD’s is essential. When looking for the right solid-state drive that will provide you with less storage and a more reliable piece of hardware, consider the following options for SSD purchasing:

The most common and affordable solid-state drive on the market is the 2.5” SSD. Found in desktops and laptops, they’re constantly growing and adapting gigabyte ratio makes them perfect for boot drive utilisation or even as a single sole storage option. There are many options for choose from and Novatech continues to update their line.

Mini-SATA’s are much smaller than their 2.5” equivalent and is a basic bare circuit. If your machine only demands a smaller option, these are perfect. You’ll find them in laptops and netbooks.

M.2 SSD’s are a variant of form factors and connectors from SATA’s and PCI-E’s. M.2 are alike with mini-SATA drives as they also are sold as a bare circuit board, however they are much more flexible with their options. Another noticeable feature is that it can support NVMe, an interface that boosts increased performances. This gives it a significant performance uplift over their other counterparts.

A new face to the market are PCI SSD’s. While they have garnered the best performance, they are also the most expensive. Their storage is faster than your standard SSD; an exciting arrival to the mainstream consumer.

How to install an SSD using a conversion bracket.

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