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Roccat Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming

Mechanical versus Membrane

The header should be this section should be retitled “cheaper versus expensive” but there will be more on that later. Overall, if you’re browsing for a cheaper keyboard, it’s probably going to be a membrane. Membrane keyboards work via an electric current that is run through a plastic membrane; mechanical switches work because if mechanical switches beneath each key. While mechanical has a range of benefits over membrane, its biggest fault is in the price-tag itself.

If you’re serious about gaming then a mechanical keyboard is definitely your answer. Most only require half a press of the key to register a keystroke. As I mentioned in a previous paragraph, and unless your budget isn’t too restrained, a mechanical keyboard will be the cherry on your technological cake and will work wonders for your gaming productivity. Do yourself a favour and research now, not all two brands are the same and there are many choices as to what will suit you!

Virtual keyboards may also pop up on your radar. Although they look sleek and futuristic, the current technology has its limitations. The optics that they use to configure your keystrokes just aren’t developed enough as technology for the demand that gaming requires. They have their faults and can be fairly inaccurate but if you are looking for a cool, developing technology, then keep your eyes peeled for the avenues virtual keyboards may take.

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Suora FX, RGB Illuminated Frameless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, UK Layout
6 Macro Keys, Programmable Zone above Arrow Keys, Game Mode Button, Quick Launches Custom Gaming Profile
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