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Novatech Ltd has appointed CHG-MERIDIAN Capital Ltd as their official leasing partner to run Novatech Finance on their behalf. CHG have been arranging finance facilities, independent of business bank accounts, since 1989. CHG enable businesses to acquire the technology they need, financing it with fixed periodic rental premiums. Novatech Ltd operate a bespoke approach to the manufacture and supply of their own IT products and this now extends to funding solutions for our customers.

In addition to an extensive range of financial solutions, bespoke finance and procurement models can be constructed to enable customers to ?onboard? equipment over an extended project deployment.


Financing offers a variety of benefits over an outright cash purchase. Suppose you take the cash that you will use to purchase the equipment and reinvest it in your business. You could use it to advertise, purchase inventory, or hire and train employees. By matching your payments to reimbursements or benefits from using the equipment, you can better manage your cash flow.

Financing can translate capital outlay into low monthly/quarterly payments; a lease structure can be developed to accommodate your budget constraints. Deferred payment terms will also help you obtain the equipment now rather than waiting for the next financial year.

Financing avoids the tax implications associated with equipment ownership ? finance leases give you the cost saving benefits associated with ownership, such as depreciation. So you get the benefits of ownership without actually owning the equipment.

You are responsible for maintaining the equipment and providing the proper insurance cover. We would need confirmation of the insurance policy but you can, of course purchase service packs and services contracts from your supplier that will fully cover your maintenance obligations.

Operating leases offer the lowest quarterly payments and the entire payment amount can be deducted as a business expense. 'Off Balance Sheet' funding improves the presentation of key financial ratios. This type of lease is perfect for larger projects where the equipment is likely to be refreshed more regularly. A Finance lease works better for smaller transactions but still gives you complete flexibility at the end of the lease.

CHG Meridian does not require down payments and compensating balances like a bank; we also finance soft costs, professional services, project management, installation etc; whereas a bank may not. We do not tie your payments to an index, your payments are fixed for the entire term of the lease. We offer you an additional, and less restrictive, line of credit. We also offer more flexible plans ? such as deferred leases ? that a bank may not allow. We all know there is more to a product than price, so we provide a wide variety of services, flexibility and payment structures that provide real value and help make your job easier.

The defined useful life of this equipment rarely exceeds five years. Therefore, it is likely that you will need to expand or replace the equipment before five years is up. We don't want you paying out for a piece of exhausted equipment.

Many customers worry about obsolescence. CHG are able to match the type of lease to fit in with your refresh plans. With financing you have the flexibility to exchange to new and improved equipment at the end of your finance term.

Arranging a lease with CHG is very straightforward. Once you have found the equipment you wish to lease, we can provide you with a quote straight away, get credit approval and arrange the paperwork for you to sign.

No, CHG do not ask for any up-front payments. For drawn out deployment scenarios where the supplier requires staged payments we can adjust the first rental to accommodate any addition costs incurred.

Yes. As well as supporting the ?rollout? of new equipment CHG can organize the ?rollback? of your legacy assets as well. We can come to your location to wrap, pack and ship equipment back to our facilities where the equipment will be cleansed and remarketed or recycled. CHG offer DEKRA or TUV certified data erasure (please ask for details. We remarket 400,000 pieces of IT hardware and provide certified data erasure for circa 80,000 devices per annum.

Yes. You sell CHG your purchased assets at invoice or current book value, and then we lease them back to you for a term that you are comfortable with. This enables you to use the capital for more revenue-generating activities.

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We are an open-architecture manufacturer and have close partnerships with industry leading software and hardware vendors. All of our solutions are designed with scalability, longevity and the lowest total cost of ownership in mind. We do not use any proprietary hardware.

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