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Great gaming guaranteed

The Reign philosophy is simple; design and make great gaming PCs. We spend a lot of time testing our systems to guarantee a great gaming experience - no fancy marketing gimmicks, just 100% honest benchmarks and gameplay footage, so you know exactly what to expect

Designed with a purpose

Reign PCs are built using the latest tech, with genuine 'gaming grade' components from the worlds most trusted brands. Giving you the power you need for high settings and smooth gameplay.

Powerful processors

Powered by the powerful unlocked 9th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors.

Geforce RTX

Unlock stunning visuals with the latest NVIDIA RTX gaming technologies.

Super-fast storage

Boot up and load games quickly with NVME M.2 and SSD hard drives.

The power to play it all

Hardcore FIFA fanatic? PUBG survivalist? Or maybe you like to play a bit of everything?

Reign PCs aren't just for playing Fortnite, they are built with the most powerful components to run games seamlessly across any genre.

Don't let your PC dictate your gaming. Reign supreme and play it all.

Beyond VR ready

Reign PCs give you the graphics horsepower you need to power the latest generation of Virtual Reality headsets. Discover the next level of gaming with VR compatibility through a Reign PC.

Cutting edge hardware

Reign PCs are built using the latest tech, with true 'gaming grade' components from the worlds most trusted brands.

Super-fast storage

By combining ultra-fast NVME M.2 drives and high-performance SSD drives for games storage, you'll experience faster boot times, faster game loading and installations, and a more responsive system overall.

Fast everything

Developed on the basic principle of supreme performance, Reign PCs are designed to run as fast as possible.

From powerful processors to super fast solid-state storage, with zero bloatware or unnecessary trial software, to keep your machine running at peak performance from the start.

Premium 3 year warranty

All Reign gaming PCs are covered by a 3 year warranty as standard. (1st yr collect and return, years 2 & 3 RTB).

Free tech support

Should you ever need any help we offer free UK based telephone tech support for the life of your Reign gaming PC.

Spread the cost

At Novatech, we've teamed up with Klarna Finance to offer you a variety of Finance packages to help you with getting the right technology you need whilst being able to spread the cost of the payments to suit you.

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What is Reign?

Novatech have been building PCs for over 22 years. We're one of the most trusted and well-established system integrators in the UK.

At our core, we're obsessive gamers and tech lovers. Reign was set up to channel that gaming enthusiasm and design awesome gaming PCs. PCs that we'd be proud to own ourselves.

Although Reign's purpose isn't just to build gaming PCs. We want to create a platform to help support gamers, streamers and content creators. From grassroots, all the way up to Esports pros.

So, if you think you can help us conquer, get in touch.

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