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Novatech Gaming PCs

Take your gaming to the next level. All of our Gaming PCs are completely customisable. Choose and swap different configurations and personalise your computer to make it your own.

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Our Gaming PCs are built to high standards to withstand the intense workload given to them on a daily basis. Powered by the technology demanded by Gamers such as NVIDIA GeForce Graphics and the latest Intel i5 or i7 Processors, all our Gaming PCs are specced to the best possible standard for what they're designed for.

If you can't find the exact Gaming PC you want, our online configurator allows you to create your dream custom Gaming PC depending on your preferences or needs, you can increase the storage, swap the case for your favourite Corsair or Cooler Master case or even SLi your Graphics with an extra NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card. You choose your system and we'll build and test it for you.

All of our desktop PCs are available with or without an operating system, are built in England in our production facility in Portsmouth and our fully-trained team are ready to help with whatever PC questions you have.