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Custom Built Servers

Get the right server built bespoke to your requirements, installed and working properly, on time and on budget.

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We’ve been building computers for over 20 years.

At Novatech we build over 30,000 PCs and Laptops per year, and have been doing so for over 20 years. We are a Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supplier of Technology Products and provide technology for schools, business and councils throughout the UK, who all appreciate our speed, efficiency and truly integrated approach to customer care.

Flexible Finance

Novatech can provide efficient funding options for all IT equipment and its maintenance, spreading capital costs across manageable periods.

Custom Built

Novatech are experts in the design, construction and installation of servers of all sizes, from small classroom management systems to large arrays.

Support, support, support

Because we build our own PCs, laptops and servers we know them inside out and test every component ourselves. If something should go wrong we know how to put it right, quickly and without fuss.

Novatech Training & Simulation

Novatech Special Projects can deliver the perfect hardware to drive realistic training solutions, synthetic experiences and virtual environments; either by using COTS or bespoke systems that are built to individual requirements. Our in-house R & D capabilities mean that we can design powerful systems that are both scalable and easy to replicate quickly.