Deep Learning within the financial service industry (FSI) is having a profound change on the way organisations currently operate. From sophisticated algorithms that are able to automate more repetitive tasks, to new and more sophisticated underwriting models, better pattern recognition for fraud detection, to macro-economic analysis, the possibilities are simply everywhere.

At Novatech we work with leading industry figures and companies to help you plan for the future, enabling your vision for reality. By adapting to the modern market with AI, you can tackle issues with efficiency, targets and overall predictions. Don't stay behind the curb and consider how you can change the financial service industry with Deep Learning.

The Financial landscape is changing.

Technological implementation is re-moulding the very fabric of how we conduct business. Working with Novatech, our partner direct / affinity is your helping hand guiding you through the Financial evolution, with focuses on identifying, developing, and implementing Artificial Intelligence solutions within the Financial Services sector, such as Insurance & Reinsurance, Banking, and Investment & Pensions.

direct / affinity are unique in having extensive first-hand experience and domain knowledge of Financial Services; understanding your Business from people, products, challenges, operations, and data through to information technology. In a strategic partnership with Novatech, our partner direct / affinity is bringing to the Financial sector the latest Machine Learning architectures, such as Deep Learning, as well as associated technology from the likes of NVIDIA, appropriate to the scale of your needs, ambitions, and infrastructure.

Current and future uses and benefits.

Today, Deep Learning is an established technology that is being employed in a number of areas:

  • Fraud Detection:

    Intelligent pro-active hunter - killer programmes, that monitor, safeguard and ultimately protect against fraud (Paypal)

  • Better actuarial models:

    Life Insurance, to better predict more accurate mortalitie models.

  • Accident claims:

    Recognise claims patterns (Text, image, voice) save time, control costs, and improve customer outcomes.

  • Speech to text:

    Data backup in real-time, helping FSI with compliance and more accurate customer data.

  • Document / Form management:

    Working with partners like Planet AI we can directly help to automate the process, and comply with regulations.

  • Credit risk analytics:

    Improve your default risk, loss, and correlation models.

  • Payment systems:

    Selfie, retina, Bioimetric, (Visa and Mastercard)

  • Financial forecasting:

    Market trends, investment strategies