About Clusterone

Clusterone is a deep learning platform that makes it simple and fast to run deep learning workloads of any scale and complexity on any infrastructure.

The company was created to solve specific problems that data scientists and AI project managers encounter when managing large GPU cluster configurations.

We provide deep learning orchestration and resources to improve modeling, training, and analysis. Organisations can deploy Clusterone onto an on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure, create hybrid scenarios, or use it as a hosted service.

We are a global team of scientists, engineers, and designers who are passionate about developing the best tools and practices for deep learning teams.


  • Mohsen Hejrati

    Founder and CEO

  • Malo Marrec

    Co-founder, Product Strategist

  • JB Brown

    VP of Engineering

Quick Facts

Year Founded



Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning / Deep Learning) & Cloud Infrastructure

Core activities

Running a Deep Learning operating system and providing Applied AI consulting services