Novatech have a wide range of training and workshop courses available, ranging from high level 1 day courses to very detailed and technically challenging 3 day workshops specifically designed to meet the needs of your team.

Our workshops are not designed as a one size fits all approach. Our course designers can work with you directly on the type of content and the level of complexity. The idea is simple, our courses are designed specifically with you in mind.

Courses are typically managed by the Novatech team, but we also our key partners as well, meaning a typical 3 day workshop might have several different trainers: Novatech qualified trainers, NVIDIA and IBM trainers, or even third parties that we have close relationships with.

Dr Anthony Morse

Dr Anthony Morse

Dr Anthony Morse is an expert in Neural Networks, GPU programming, Cognitive Modelling, and Robotics; with over 18 years' experience working in Artificial Intelligence (including several multi-million-euro European ITC research projects, and Deep Learning consultant for several tech companies).

For more than 5 years, Anthony has been delivering tailored workshops on GPU programming (CUDA, & OpenACC), and Deep Learning to ranging academia and industry, both in partnership with NVIDIA and independently. Now, Anthony is bringing his vast industry knowledge to Novatech, helping bring you the very best in what deep learning can offer; a wealth of insights into how artificial intelligence could change your organisation. With his help, you could change the way that you work.

Dr Morse is a certified instructor for NVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute, and can offer the following training workshops in partnership with Novatech:

For Scientists, Data Scientists, Researchers, and Coders:

GPU Programming - CUDA (1 or 2-day workshops)

Become a competent CUDA programmer in 1 day and take advantage of the massive parallel computing power of GPU's in your code or add a second day to move on to more advanced topics from streams, and multiGPUs, to Dynamic Parallelism and Texture memory.

No prior knowledge of CUDA or Parallel Programming is required, however familiarity with programming (ideally C or C++) is assumed.

GPU Programming - OpenACC (1 day)

Access the massive parallel computing power of GPUs with directives using OpenACC.

No prior knowledge of OpenACC or Parallel Programming is required, however familiarity with programming (ideally C or C++) is assumed.

For everyone from upper management to data scientist, or researcher:

Introduction to Deep Learning - (1 day)

Get hands-on experience developing and training your own Deep Learning models and gain invaluable experience and understanding of the Deep Learning work-flow, how it can benefit you, and how to overcome some of the Deep Learning hurdles in tailoring a powerful system.

No Prior Deep Learning or programming knowledge is required.

Tailored Workshops

We can also tailor our workshops to your specific application area.

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Some of the courses we run are open to all and would be specific to a particular vertical or application area, details of these courses will be posted on the website, however signing up to our newsletter will insure you are always kept up to date on these events. We have a course coming up soon in the city of London designed around the Financial Service industry.


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