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Network infrastructures are VIRTUALLY changing

It is becoming increasingly common for schools to be run like a business. As such, your network is a key aspect of keeping the 'business' stable and operational. More than ever, your network infrastructure is key.

Traditional infrastructures

A traditional infrastructure is assembled with various hardware units that are all interlinked together through their individual components. From the separate storage, networking, application servers, and backup appliances, each one of these units of hardware must be individually configured and managed. This requires vast amounts of your IT team's time and resources in order to keep it operational. Unless you are a large organisation with the capacity for such excessive management, this can mean constant development of maintenance and resources that simply becomes inefficient for your school.

Novatech have been helping customers by transforming their IT landscape into a developed virtualised infrastructure. If an entire network is being virtualized, where it is taken from physical hardware to an online system that is accessible for its users, then you require such a traditional infrastructure that can run from physical computer hardware to hold all its information.

Converged infrastructures

A converged infrastructure is more structurally feasible than most modern traditional infrastructures. Conventional converged hardware makes previous issues redundant, condensing everything into only three components: The hypervisor compute that runs it, the storage, and its network switch hardware.

Converged infrastructure provides a perfect solution for schools and businesses who demand a vast level of control on every level of their infrastructure, allowing you to fine-tune each component while saving on resources and maintenance time.

Hyper-converged infrastructure evolves this adaption and shrinks things down even further.

Hyper-converged infrastructures

Hyper-convergence is a budding technology that merges software and physical computer hardware from conventional convergence infrastructure systems into a perfected solution.

Combing a x86-based compute with storage resources that have intelligent software, a hyper-converged infrastructure is the solution to the issues of a traditional infrastructures. Hyper-convergence delivers a turnkey infrastructure that merges the storage, servers and virtualisation into a cohesive solution that allows advanced system management and swift deployments; ideal for smaller IT operations that require a cost-effective, flexible and easily agile infrastructure that can be managed by a smaller IT team.

The benefits of virtualisation

Converged infrastructure works on multiple hardware to store itself; Hyper-converged infrastructure operates as a software solution that works at a base hypervisor level to find easier storage for all relevant information and data on only one scalable, localised device. One server versus the multiple pieces of hardware for a traditional infrastructure. the maths is simple. Think of virtualisation as a software solution that trims the fat of physical hardware for data-centres.

The pre-configured software significantly accelerates the deployment and development of data-centres and effortlessly supports the demanding growth-models of businesses without the need for repetitive maintenance. Your IT environment is drastically changed, freeing up administration work that can be better focused by an IT team on business-valued development.

Find out what infrastructure works for you with Novatech

Contact Novatech today to get help with the consideration of your new network infrastructure. If a traditional network isn?t working for you anymore, or you are simply intrigued to the changes that a virtualised system could provide, one of our knowledgeable team will be able to recommend the best fit for you!

If you are seeking a new deployment that works with the typical performance of a traditional infrastructure, a converged infrastructure is the perfect match for avoiding the costs and management that weighs down many businesses.

However, if you require a swift deployment, easy and fast access to its resources, and energy-efficient spending that keeps your IT budget low, then enquire into a hyper-converged infrastructure today!

Are you interested in finding that perfect match for you? Novatech have over 30 years? experience of working with technology and helping businesses transform with such.

Find out more here and get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you and helping however we can.

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