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Microphones & Headsets

A computer microphone is a very handy thing to have. If you’re a gamer, a gaming headset is pretty much an essential purchase, these allowing you the luxury of seamless hands free communication with your teammates while in the midst of a match. A PC microphone is also useful if you use voice chat programs such as Skype a lot; after all, talking to friends and family over the internet doesn’t cost you your precious mobile minutes or rack up a huge phone bill on your landline (especially if they live overseas). If you’d rather not use a headset then Novatech also stock a number of desktop microphones, which are just as good for chatting, recording and using voice recognition software.


39 in stock

inc vat

£10.49 inc vat
Ordered Upon Request

Stock Code: NOV-PSG025

Manf Code: PSG02564

£2.98 inc vat
39 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-MICROB


Adjustable microphone with volume control, 1.8m Cable
£5.99 inc vat
7 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-SW858

Manf Code: MHH-SW858

Built In Microphone enabling phone calls, iPad, Tablet PC & Smart Phone Compatable
£19.99 inc vat
10 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-BTH300

Manf Code: BTH-HS-MV300

Over-the-head - Binaural - Semi-open
£9.25 inc vat
5 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100039

Manf Code: 981-000094

Hi-Fi capable 53mm drivers, Detachable microphone, Closed cup for enhanced bass reproduction and passive noise cancellation
£69.98 inc vat
Awaiting Stock

Stock Code: KIN-HXCLOU

Manf Code: KHX-H3CL/WR

£9.98 inc vat
16 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-HDSET5

Manf Code: MHH-SW782X

Cable length 2.7m, Noise-canceling Mic, USB
£40.69 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: CSR-HS40

Manf Code: CA-9011122-EU

PS4 & PC supported
£59.65 inc vat
23 in stock

Stock Code: SHO-HEADPH

Manf Code: PH-1001-ES-IUS

Wired, Analogue, Stereo, Noise Cancelling Microphone, In-line Audio Control
£21.98 inc vat
6 in stock

Stock Code: PLA-GC388

Manf Code: 201260-05

£113.12 inc vat

Stock Code: CSR-H2100

Manf Code: CA-9011127-EU

Over-the-head, Binaural, Detachable Noise Cancelling Microphone, In-Line Control, 3.5" Stereo
£29.98 inc vat
10 in stock

Stock Code: CRE-HS800

Manf Code: 51MZ0310AA001

Reversible Earcups, 30mm Drive Unit, Stereo Unimatch Plug
£14.99 inc vat
8 in stock

Stock Code: MDR-V150

Manf Code: MDRV150.CE7

Over-the-head - Binaural - Semi-open
£6.54 inc vat
4 in stock

Stock Code: TRU-100162

Manf Code: 15481

With Y Cable so you can use it to play with Xbox and PS4
£33.46 inc vat
1 in stock

Stock Code: CSR-HS30

Manf Code: CA-9011121-EU-Y

Light Weight, Noise Suppression Microphone, 2.4m Cable
£5.99 inc vat
6 Overdue

Stock Code: NOV-MICSP

Manf Code: SL-8691-SBK

£24.98 inc vat
5 Due Tomorrow

Stock Code: PLA-655

Manf Code: 80935-15

Wired, Analogue, Stereo, In-line Audio Control, Adjustable Headband
£4.99 inc vat
50+ in stock

Stock Code: LOG-980177

Manf Code: 980177-0000

£2.99 inc vat
7 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-EARBUD

Manf Code: EHH-065

Wired, Analogue, Stereo, In-line Audio Control, Adjustable Headband
£3.98 inc vat
7 in stock

Stock Code: NOV-HSLIT

Manf Code: NOV_HSLIT

Plug-and-forget nano receiver, Noise-canceling microphone, Flexible,rotating boom
£61.42 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-H600

Manf Code: 981-000342

Virtual 7.2ch effect, Blast Source Identifier, Noise cancelling mic
£64.99 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: GAM-HEPHAS

Manf Code: GHS2000

Over-the-head - Binaural - Semi-open
£20.95 inc vat
3 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-100068

Manf Code: 981-000100

£21.66 inc vat
2 in stock

Stock Code: LOG-H340

Manf Code: 981-000475

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