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Water Cooled PCs

Custom Open Loop Liquid Cooling.

Watercooled Gaming PCs

Whether it's a compact personal computer or the colossal behemoth that is your gaming rig, the components that internalize a PC generates heat while running that can risk seething and overheating, making the performance and reliability of the machine uncertain. Whilst a typical air-cooled computer requires multiple fans for individual components in order to keep these expensive parts cooled, a water-cooled computer simply eliminates this concern so that the only thing that need be regularly chilled is yourself. So, rejoice! For you are about to push your Novatech PC ownership to the next level.

Boost your cool factor with a liquid cooled PC

In addition to looking exceptionally cool (no pun intended), like the product of a Spielbergian rave, water cooling PC's harness airflow with outstanding performance unmatched by standard fan equivalents. Flowing with ionized water that keeps your PC refreshed, these computers employ the precise collection of a radiator, water blocks that replace hefty, standard heat sinks, and coolant-filled tubes that form a water cooling loop transferring heat away from the precious organs of the PC.

We've done the homework so you don’t have to. Novatech has assembled these pre-built, overclocked computers so that you can save both your sanity from the endless list of required components and maintain the PC from the risk of cheaper parts that can become easily damaged and fill your computer with the hue of ionized water (ouch!)

Liquid Cooled over Air cooled

What matters is the quality that the price provides. Air coolers can be gargantuan in order to provide enough power to maintain optimal temperatures for a machine such as a heavy gaming PC, with their extremely loud fans being considerably less efficient for certain customer set-up’s. Water is 24 times better at conducting the heat away from specific system components, pushing these Novatech PC’s to their full ability with their CPU’s and graphic cards for anything from faster video applications, encoding, or greater game performance.

Save yourself on noise, maintenance and worry by upgrading to a liquid cooled Novatech PC today and, much as your computer will, go with the air flow.

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