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Novatech Mini PC

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About our Mini PCs

At Novatech we have a wide range of different Mini PCs which are great for using as a media centre in your home or as a space saving home machine to run small tasks on. We use 3 types of different chassis' in our builds, a Gigabyte Brix, MSI Cubi and also our NBox.

Processors on the Mini PC

Ranging from an Intel Dual Core Processor all the way up to an Intel 6th Gen i7 Processor, you can choose how powerful you need your Mini PC to be. If you're looking for something to stream Netflix to your TV then our lower end Mini PCs with a Dual Core or Celeron Processor are just what you need. If you're going to be demanding more from your machine then take a look at the higher end i5, i7 models for a bit more power.

Vesa Mounting Brackets

If space is definitely a premium for you or you don't like too much clutter around your desk, you can use a Vesa Mounting Brackets to attach your Mini PC to a TV or Monitor to keep it completely out of the way.