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Novatech Professional workstations

Engineered for Maximum Productivity

Novatech Professional Workstations are built to maximise the performance of your specialist software. From simple 2D design to deep neural network development, we build powerful tools for pros who want to go further and faster.

Workstations by Industry

Deep Learning

Extremely powerful NVIDIA based GPU workstations optimised for DL development, training and deployment workloads.


From simple 2D design to high-end 3D CAD, these worksations are designed to handle everything that Autocad and SOLIDWORKS can throw at them.


Powerful graphics and media workstations, designed to handle huge memory hogging files and intensive renders. These systems will improve your workflow and help reduce bottlenecks.


Novatech Video Workstiations are desinged to give the creator the power to bring their vision to life in the quickest way possible. Featuring processors and video cards picked to handle the most complicated editing, grading and polishing at every level.


Whether you need multiple displays on the desktop or are looking to deploy a spectacular wall display for digital signage, our video workstations have the features to meet all your needs.


Robust and reliable systems equipped with forensic write blockers, ECC reg memory and the lastest Intel XEON processors. These are built to handle demanding workloads with the highest reliability and uptime.


Performance + Reliability

Performance means nothing without reliability. We only use tried and trusted, quality components in our Workstations to ensure superb performance and rock-solid reliability.


Built by experts + Lifetime support

We engineer and build systems that last. Every workstation we build undergoes an extensive 100% load, 24-hour burn test before it leaves our doors. Should anything ever go wrong we offer UK based telephone tech support for the life of your system.

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