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Modern slavery is a heinous crime and Novatech operates a zero tolerance commitment to slavery and human trafficking.  Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act), Novatech is dedicated to ensuring that human trafficking, slavery, forced or compulsory labour and/or servitude does not take place at any point in our business or in our supply chains.

Our structure and supply chains

Novatech has 100 employees, all of whom are based within our office in Hampshire.  We are predominantly UK-focussed, with approximately two thirds of our business coming from the SME, education and defence sectors, with the remainder of our sales coming from retail.

Operating in the IT sector, Novatech sources IT hardware and peripherals internationally, from global manufacturers.  Novatech custom-builds, designs, installs and manages IT infrastructures to UK B2B and B2C markets.  In doing so, Novatech works with over 350 suppliers who are largely based in the UK (over 95%), with the remainder of its supply chain from Europe, USA and the Far East.  Novatech considers therefore, that there is a relatively low risk of modern slavery and/or human trafficking occurring within its supply chain.

Due diligence

Novatech recognises that due diligence processes and reporting are essential management tools that improve risk identification. 


We undertake stringent due diligence processes to ensure we only use suppliers who share our commitment to ethical practices.  By working to secure a transparent supply chain through operating due diligence, Novatech seeks to prevent modern slavery from occurring in the course of our operations.

We undertake the following courses of due diligence:

·         We commit to a Supplier Code of Conduct.  We expect suppliers to meet the provisions set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

·         Novatech has clear Supplier Application processes in place for supplier approval.

·Obtain Modern Slavery statements from suppliers, where available.

· Vet suppliers so far as is possible of their own compliance with the requirements of the legislation.

·         Our supply chain is routinely analysed by the Purchasing Manager and Finance Director.

·         Suppliers are removed from Novatech's Approved Suppliers List after 12months of inactivity.  Suppliers will have to complete the registration process again to re-join.



We conduct all business in an ethical manner and are committed to being a transparent organisation.  We do not consider there to be a high risk of slavery or human trafficking within Novatech's workforce, however we undertake the following courses of due diligence across the Company:

·         Robust recruitment processes incorporating ?right to work' document checks, contracts of employment and ensuring everyone employed is 16 years or above.

·         Our Employee Handbook has a range of procedures to support in preventing modern slavery from occurring in our work place.

·         We honour our responsibility to protect whistleblowers who highlight to us any risk of slavery or human trafficking at Novatech.

·         Our Values set the parameters for how we expect people to interact with colleagues, partners and customers.

·         Everyone at Novatech is required to comply with legal requirements at all times.


Future Performance Indicators

For our Business year 2019/20, we aim to develop and introduce Anti-slavery and trafficking training for Novatech employees involved with our suppliers, in particular Purchasing, Accounts and Managed Accounts.

Novatech take responsibility for this Statement and its related objectives, and review and update it in accordance with the Act.

David Furby, Chief Executive Officer

May 2019

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