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Novatech PCs for Business

Our vast range of Desktop, Tower or Mini PCs are built specially for use in school classrooms or busy offices. With multiple options to choose from Intel’s processor range from Celeron and Pentium Dual Core for every day work use to Intel i3 and i5 processor’s for more heavy workloads you can get the right system for your needs.

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Whether it’s an entry level home desktop PC for the family, a high performance business PC for the office or an ultra power gaming PC to destroy the opposition you’ll find all the power you’ll need with our award winning desktop PCs.

If your desktop PC just needs a bit of a boost we also have a variety of ways to upgrade your desktop PC from motherboard and barebones bundles, hard drives, extra memory to mice and trackballs.

All of our desktop PCs are available with or without an operating system, are built in England in our production facility in Portsmouth and our fully-trained team are ready to help with whatever PC questions you have.