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History & Growth

In February 1987 Novatech was founded with a simple ethic of supplying high quality products at the lowest possible prices with excellent customer service.

We are now one of the UK's top mail order computer suppliers employing over 150 people at our HQ in Portsmouth.

Every week, we send thousands of orders to hundreds of computer users throughout the country. Our on site production team have the capacity to manufacture over 6,000 PCs and 4,000 Notebooks per month. Over 95 percent of our orders are shipped from our warehouse the same day they're received.

By carefully monitoring stock levels we can ensure that while you will rarely have to wait for an order, you can also take advantage of immediate price drops on components - translating into the values you see in our prices.

We will not deny that problems occur - the law of averages dictates that for us. The difference with Novatech is that when you need help, advice or information, we are there to support you.

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